Crux Brewing Company

October 24, 2019

Hey Guys! Derric here with another stop on my Bend Ale Trail Tour. This time I got granular and learned some of the finer points of brewing at Crux Fermintation Project.

This is a one-of-a-kind brewery that uses non-traditional methods to make their liquid gold. These include decoction mashing, open fermentation and barrel aging. You could definitely call these guys innovators!

One of their best brews is the "Gimme Mo IPA". There's a sweet taste that levels out the bitterness of a normal IPA. I would definitely recommend!

What's a brewery in Bend OR without a taco cart? It seems like Crux has the best one in their backyard beer garden; El Sancho. Fried tortilla shells with high quality meat and a great selection of sauces make this taco stand one to remember.

Crux has an awesome tasting room as well. If you get the chance to speak with Joshua, Assistant Brew Master at Crux, he'll drop some serious brew knowledge you can take home with you!