New Music Heaven: "Aerostar" by Video Age

July 20, 2020
Video Age

Zack Shorrosh


This week, we're testing out "Aerostar" by Video Age. Are you feeling it? Text HOT or NOT to 44624 when you hear it on 94/7 this week, and we'll decide if we keep playing it. To get a free download of the song and weekly 94/7 emails in your inbox, just join the free 94/7 Nation.

"Aerostar" is the second single off of Video Age's upcoming album Pleasure Line out on August 7th, 2020. Pleasure Line paints Video Age's music in an even rosier hue, with every track brimming with 80s pop melodies, synths, and a vast range of influences. "Aerostar" is no different, with its bouncy melody and synth harmonies that sounds like they come straight from an 80s romantic comedy. Whereas Video Age's previous records explored themes of loneliness and self-discovery, Pleasure Line is a deep dive into love, vulnerability, and all of its complications.

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