New Music Heaven : Courtship

August 13, 2017

The best things in life usually happen by mistake. And courtship. began just like that. Micah Gordon (24) and Eli Hirsch (22) met playing as hired musicians in an LA band but as the story is told, Micah almost didn’t come to first rehearsal (classic Micah). After a few rehearsals and true creative connection, Micah invited Eli to jam at his house.

At that first jam session, a vocalist was invited to join Eli and Micah but canceled last minute. Micah, having never been a lead singer in his life, decided to take the challenge head on. That day, courtship. was born (with Micah taking on a shiny new "lead singer" role) and their first single "Stop For Nothing" was written.

There’s something you should know: courtship. Definitely does NOT make sense on paper. Although they are both Jewish kids from the west coast, Micah, an LA native, is a trained jazz pianist and Eli, a Portland native, started playing in pop-punk bands when he was 13. Micah grew up on Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, and Miles Davis while Eli would jam to Blink-182, Passion Pit and Weezer. Little did they know, the collision of their worlds would create something totally new to both of them.

Our New Music Heaven this week is their latest single "Perfect People." Check it out below, and hear it on 94/7 at 9am, 1pm, 4pm, 7pm, and 11pm. And be sure to look out for a free download in your next Nation email, thanks to Burgerville