New Music Heaven : Dennis Lloyd

July 22, 2018

Every song Dennis Lloyd writes is based on an authentic experience or emotion. The songwriter, producer, trumpet player and singer is interested in a true reflection of himself in the instrumentals and the lyrics, and it’s that sentiment that has immediately connected with fans around the world. His music is undeniable, perhaps because Dennis has always known that he had to create.

Dennis Lloyd was born Nir Tibor in Tel Aviv, Israel. His first instrument was the recorder and by age 8 he was learning to play the trumpet, drawn in by its deep, powerful sound. By 13, he taught himself to play guitar and began writing his own songs and when he was 15, Dennis bought his first microphone at a Sam Ash in Las Vegas while traveling with his family to record and produce his music. It wasn’t all easy, though. Dennis attended an arts high school to study jazz and his fellow classmates didn’t understand his interest in other genres.

“I started to record songs and put them on YouTube and people laughed behind my back,” the musician says. “I made an a capella cover of Kesha when everyone else was listening to Miles Davis and people didn’t like it. They imitated me. People recommended that I didn’t sing at the school as a jazz major. So I sang and produced on my own time, but I didn’t have a lot of support. I just did it anyway. I had a lot of haters at school, which is a scar I still have.”

After spending three years in the Israeli Navy, Lloyd felt more certain than ever that he wanted to create music. He got an offer to come to Thailand, so he gave up his life in Tel Aviv and moved to Bangkok. He was invited to play his first-ever show at the Wonderfruit Festival in Pattaya that December, and during his isolated time in Thailand he wrote over 35 songs.

“The key for me was that I didn’t have Internet, so I couldn’t listen to new music,” Dennis says. “I couldn’t listen to what was going on in the world. So I had to create what I wanted to hear. I love so many styles, from deep house to rock to hip-hop, and I made a mix of those sounds. It was just what I wanted to hear.”

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