New Music Heaven: "Mariposa" by Peach Tree Rascals

August 24, 2020
peach tree rascals

This week, we're testing out "Mariposa" by Peach Tree Rascals. Are you feeling it? Text HOT or NOT to 44624 when you hear it on 94/7 this week, and we'll decide if we keep playing it. To get a free download of the song and weekly 94/7 emails in your inbox, just join the free 94/7 Nation.

This San Jose-based group formed in high school, released "Mariposa" in 2019 as "a bittersweet ode to fleeing love." The group has released 13 songs so far, and plan on releasing a new single each month for the rest of the year. When asked about their sound, the band says it's “a combination of all the music we love and are inspired by. When I come across a song that makes me feel really good I reverse engineer it.”

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