New Music Heaven : MORGXN

June 10, 2018

The reason indie pop-soul singer morgxn left his Nashville-home for Los Angeles was to find “space to think, breathe, and be with myself,” he explains. Within weeks of the move, he had a fateful encounter. An acquaintance invited him to a music party and asked, “‘Do you want to meet Stevie Nicks?’” Of course, he did. “She gave me advice that I have taken to heart ever since. She told me, ‘You have to keep moving. This world will walk over you if you don’t just keep going.’ When you fall down, get up, keep moving. That changed my life.”

With that resilience in mind, morgxn named his first album vital (out now, wxnderlost / Hollywood Records). All cascading synthscapes and cool beats, it nimbly navigates the expanse between everything devastating and joyous about the human condition. “Early on, I banged on doors for a long time, to have people listen to me. What I needed to do was just make the music I needed to make,” says morgxn, who just finished touring Europe with X Ambassadors. “It wasn’t about waiting for an opportunity. I made that opportunity.”

Well, we're listening to him now - his single "Carry The Weight" is this week's New Music Heaven track. Hear it all week on 94/7 and check out the music video below! Be sure to text HOT or NOT to 44624 to let us know what you think, and for your chance to win tickets to Vance Joy at Edgefield on July 3rd! 

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