New Music Heaven : Mutemath

October 15, 2017

MUTEMATH's fifth album Play Dead is anything but lifeless. Describing their latest effort into one word: "Indulgent," says lead singer Paul Meany. "There wasn't a lot of, hey you probably shouldn't do that. It was more like, hey, how can we take this even further?” The result is a bold album that has found a way to articulate the sonic chaos that has come to define this band into a moment of clarity.

This was, in part, due to the members now growing to accept their roles in an independent band. There was no pressure to make a radio hit & no pressure to follow any trends. Instead they took complete and confident control; contemplating the sonic experiment and going in whatever direction their feelings pointed to.

"Break The Fever" is this week's New Music Heaven, which means you can hear it all week on 94/7. If you're digging it, Mutemath is playing at the Crystal Ballroom this Wednesday, October 18th and tickets are still on sale