November 3, 2019

This week, we're testing out "Up in the Clouds" by Skegss. Are you feeling it? Text HOT or NOT to 44624 when you hear it on 94/7 this week, and we'll decide if we keep playing it. To get a free download of the song and weekly 94/7 emails in your inbox, just join the free 94/7 Nation.

Skegss is Ben Reed (vocals, guitar), Toby Cregan (bass) and Jonny Lani (drums). Formed in 2014, the band first charmed listeners with a series of EPs, before releasing their riotous-yet-nostalgic sugar-rush of a debut album, My Own Mess. The album is bursting with youth, sunshine and unabashed punk rock hits.

Hailing from and around Byron Bay, the band is known for their dizzyingly energetic sets and "infectious" on-stage chemistry, in the past year alone have seen the venues they play jump in size to nearly 6,000 in Australia.

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