January 6, 2020

This week, we're testing out "The Fool" by Overcoats. Are you feeling it? Text HOT or NOT to 44624 when you hear it on 94/7 this week, and we'll decide if we keep playing it. To get a free download of the song and weekly 94/7 emails in your inbox, just join the free 94/7 Nation.

Critically acclaimed Brooklyn duo Overcoats return with a new single and music video entitled “The Fool.” It heralds the upcoming release of the group’s second full-length and first for Loma Vista Recordings.

On the track, a barrage of neon synths, disco beats, and electric bass tosses and turns beneath punk-y gang vocal chants. Meanwhile, the D.I.Y. music video builds up to a telling reveal. Shot at home, it depicts the group — Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell — making a statement by shaving their heads on-camera and igniting the next phase of their career with fearless honesty.

“We wrote it based on ‘The Fool’ tarot card,” says JJ. “It signifies taking a leap of faith and jumping into the unknown. Conceptually, it felt like the beginning of the project. We wiped the slate clean and decided to jump. That’s why the video includes the footage of us shaving our heads. We’re ‘The Fool’, and we’re taking our leap.”

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