A Fan-Favorite Twix Flavor Is Returning Permanently

February 3, 2020

Longtime lovers of Twix may remember the fan-favorite flavor Cookies & Creme.

The flavor is coming back after popular demand, having been discontinued in the past. The flavor replaces the classic caramel layer in original Twix with a soft, creme center with cookie bits throughout. Of course, the candy bar includes a crunchy, cookie layer as well.

In celebration of the re-release of the flavor, the brand is also giving away a pair of fresh kicks that match the branding for the Cookies & Creme Twix. The shoes feature “cookies and creme” polka dotted tips with bright blue corduroy outlines and a red-accented tongue.

The words “Left Twix” and “Right Twix” are printed on the bottom of each shoe.

“TWIX Cookies & Creme pairs one of America’s most popular cookie flavors with its most popular cookie bar, creating a crave-worthy treat that appeals to loyal TWIX fans and welcomes new consumers to the brand,” brand director Michelle Deignan said in a press release.

“Our sneaker collaboration brigs our new flavor to life in a fresh, unexpected way, one that celebrates the relevance of cookies & creme within sneaker culture and the left and right roots of our brand,” the release continues.

Twix is only releasing 100 pairs of the limited-edition shoes. The first and second batches of shoes will be given away during events in New York and Chicago respectively. The remainder of the kicks will be given away during a digital drop on their social handles during the week of February 10.

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