Coors Light brings back their festive, holiday onesie with beer pockets

November 20, 2020

(WBBM NEWSRADIO) -- While the holiday season will look a little different than the year's past, this year may be the most chill holiday season yet.

Meet the official outfit of "home for the holidays": the Coors Light holiday onesie.

Coors Light brought back its festive, holiday onesie with an all new design to get cozy this holiday season. It's the chillest way to spend the holidays.

Added bonus: beer pockets!

Coors Light holiday onesie
Coors Light holiday onesie Photo credit Coors Light

Anyone of legal drinking age can get the most chill gift of the season - the Coors Light onesie - for their friends or themselves – by visiting

The limited edition onesie costs $70 and supplies are limited. So go grab a moment of chill!

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