FINNEAS Asks Fans for Help Finding Thief Who Stole His Packages

All 2.4 million of them

May 21, 2020

On Wednesday evening, FINNEAS took to Instagram to do a little sleuthing with some help from his followers, "all 2.4 million" of them. The GRAMMY award winner shared a photo asking, ”have you seen this man?" who had apparently stolen packages off of the porch of his LA home. FINNEAS referred to the thief as a “handsome fella,” which is pretty nice considering he also ripped his “doorbell camera out of it’s socket and left with it.”

I mean, didn’t he ever learn, its not nice to steal or break things that aren’t yours.

FINNEAS moved in to the LA home just last year with his girlfriend, Claudia Sulewski, who also shared a similar message to her Instagram story.

Finneas asked his fans to let alert him if they recognize the man, adding that he won't be pressing charges "if he gives them all back and lets me give him a neck tat that says ‘thief.'"

The comments section popped off with both celebs and fans chiming in with their dismay. Though one troll commented referring to FINNEAS as “petty.” Well Finn wasn’t having any of that, responding with, "this isn't pettiness this is justice."

Tell 'em Finn! See his full post below, and let our boy know if you recognize said "handsome fella."

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