Grocery Store Customers Tackle Man Who Coughed and Spit on Food

April 8, 2020

A man in Massachusetts found out the hard way just how on edge people are about germs in grocery stores right now.

People at a Stop and Shop store in Kingston tackled a man who coughed and spit on produce during the COVID-19 global outbreak, reported The New York Post.

Kyle Mann posted the grocery store incident to his Facebook page, with a video that showed several people tackling the man.

“He fought an employee and good customers took him down until the cops arrived,” Man explained in his caption.

Police from Kingston said the 65-year-old man allegedly “was coughing and spitting” at the store. Things got physical soon after, with the man from Duxbury fighting with employees and other customers.

When cops arrived, the man was taken to a hospital where he was evaluated. Officers reported there is no reason to believe the man has COVID-19.

Police said the man might face charges of assault and battery and destruction of property, and assault and battery with a shod foot.

The incident comes two weeks after a woman purposefully coughed on and destroyed an estimated $35,000 worth of products in a grocery store in Hanover Township, PA.

The co-owner of the store, Gerrity's Supermarket, reported to customers and authorities that he did believe the woman was infected with the virus, although the store had to get rid of the stock. He shared an update the next day announcing that the compromised produce section had been fully restocked.

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