Here's How They Set Machine Gun Kelly on Fire in Netflix's 'Project Power'

Behind-the-scenes with the creators

August 20, 2020

Project Power, the sci-fi thriller starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Machine Gun Kelly was released just last week on August 14, and if you’ve seen it, or just the trailer, you know the visual effects are incredible.

Now, the team that created the look, feel, and heat of the characters is revealing just how they managed to turn MGK into a human fireball.

Project Power follows the story of a soldier attempting to stop the spread of dangerous "power pills" that give some who take it superpowers like invisibility, super-strength, bullet-proof skin and, in Kelly’s case, fire. Lots of it.

This behind-the-scenes video shows how much preparation the visual effects team and Kelly endured, spending five hours perf day in hair and makeup just to make him look like he was severely burned. Kelly was also covered in various programmable LED lights embedded in prosthetics that he had to wear each day, allowing the team to add computer-generated layers of flames to the actor. Of course, real fire was lit during the filming of each scene for reality’s sake as well.

The team also explains how they filmed the action-packed bathtub scene where Megan Fox meets a toasty Kelly and have some hot words.

If you missed it, be sure to watch our exclusive FANDEMIC IG Live with Machine Gun Kelly as he gets into everything from new music to his new ahem flame, Megan Fox.

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