The Killers Break Down 'Mr Brightside,' Cover Tom Petty and Debut New Ballad for Good Measure

Listen to the new song 'Blowback' now

April 27, 2020

[Cymbal crash] "It's just a song about betrayal. I was betrayed," says singer Brandon Flowers. "And I was able to turn it into a masterpiece."

The Killers just broke down the premise behind their iconic song and video for "Mr. Brightside", shedding some light on the eye-catching, but often misunderstood clip, featuring actor Eric Roberts.

It's the latest episode of VEVO's Watch This series, where fans are taken behind the scenes with the band that first happened in Vegas, but certainly didn't stay there for long.

The Killers hit the rock scene in 2004 with their instant classic Hot Fuss and "Mr. Brightside," the record's second track, has continued to capture imaginations based on lyrics which obviously tell an emotional story, but one that remains elusive.

As for the song's visual, it was the band's first major production, and drummer Ronnie Vannucci says he felt "strangely comfortable," during filming. "When you start a band, these kind of scenarios are actually the furthest thing from your mind. It never felt natural to me to make a music video," says Flowers. "It still doesn't. It's hard enough for us to finish a song and an album."

"We made an indie version of the video probably months before this on the east coast," admits Flowers. It wasn't as much of a production. This was the first time we had been on a huge sound stage and had all these cameras."

"What's the deal with the apple?" Vannucci asks. "Forbidden fruit... he chooses a girl with the apple," says Flowers. "Oh is that what it is? It's kind of a thoughtful idea to use the apple as the, sort of, tool for instruction," smiles Vannucci.

Flowers and Vannucci also explain using a fake band name on the bass drum as their way of paying tribute to one of their favorites, New Order, who had done the same thing in their video for "Crystal," where they named the band 'The Killers.'

Be sure to watch, as Flowers also admits to the one thing he would change about the video that has everything to do with his acting ability.

As an added bonus to start your week, the band debuted a brand new song, "Blowback," over the weekend on CBS This Morning's 'Saturday Sessions' as well as a cover of Tom Petty's "The Waiting," and a beautifully stripped down version of their latest single, "Caution."

Check out the brand new one below.

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