You Can Get a Free Burger King Whopper by Watching Live TV

April 23, 2020

You can never go wrong with free food.

Burger King is hoping to put a smile on your face in these uncertain times with a free Whopper deal.

However, getting your hands on the free menu item requires some work on your part.

The chain is offering its signature burger to fans who catch a new Burger King commercial on live television. Once the ad pops up, Whopper-loving viewers have to scan the QR code with their phone while the spot airs, which gives them access to a free Whopper.

There’s no cheating the system either – you have to actually see the ad on your TV. Delish reports scanning a Youtube code or a photo on social media won’t work.

You also have to download the chain's app and make a qualifying purchase (think fries or a drink) to redeem the free item.

It can only be redeemed on a non-delivery order.

The ad spot will begin running on April 23. Burger King will only give out 10,000 free Whoppers, so be sure to pay attention to the commercials when you’re watching your favorite TV show live.

To sum it all up: watch live TV, see the Burger King ad, scan the QR code, open the app, make the purchase, redeem your free Whopper, pick up the meal, eat and enjoy.

Burger King isn’t the only one turning to free food during these tough times.
Wendy’s announced it would be offering free chicken nuggets to everyone who goes through a drive-thru on Friday, April 24.

The fast-food chain tweeted the announcement to say the nuggets are entirely free with no purchase necessary. Customers can ask for a crispy nugget entrée or four-piece spicy and don’t have to pay a dime.

Meanwhile, McDonald's is offering a deal for people on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic from April 22nd-May 5th.

To get the free food, frontline workers simply need to ask for their "thank you meal" when they order and show their badge, proof of employment or be in uniform.

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