Should we play "I Want More" or "Break My Baby" by KALEO?

January 31, 2020

Today, we're testing out two new songs by KALEO! Let us know which one you think we should play on 94/7: "I Want More" or "Break My Baby"? 

Text MORE or BABY to 44624 when you hear the songs on 94/7 today, and we'll decide which one to keep based on your input. You can also check out the tracks below!

"I Want More"

"Break My Baby"


KALEO is an Icelandic rock band led by frontman and songwriter JJ Julius Son. The group's first album released in 2016 earned them RIAA Gold-certification and brought about three hit singles, one of which received a GRAMMY nomination. KALEO's music has been featured in over two-dozen TV shows, from shows like Grey's Anatomy to teen dramas like Riverdale.

KALEO's new album will be released this year off of Elektra Records.