EXCLUSIVE: Barns Courtney Explains "99"

Also watch an exclusive live performance of his hit single

November 16, 2018

Barns Courtney laments the inevitable aging process on his recent single, “99.” It’s not so much the science of aging that bothers him, it’s the societal expectations that come with getting older.

“99 is about the needless formalization of fun as we age, and the strange ritual and transition from childhood into adulthood,” the singer-songwriter told RADIO.COM. “I think society is sick with this strange and horrendous bug called adulthood.”

You can hear more from Courtney in the clip above, including why the year 1999 was so important for him. Hint: Pokémon had something to do with it.

The British singer-songwriter also treated us to an exclusive live performance of “99.” Check it out below.

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Barns Courtney first burst onto the scene with his 2015 single, “Fire.” It was featured in everything from a documentary, to the Netflix series Safe, to a Cadillac commercial.