EDM PDX Track Listing


October 19, 2019

Hour 1:


DJ T.H. "Great Goddess"

Kraftwerk "The Telephone Call"

KhoMha & David Gravell "Alpha Centauri"

Soundgarden "Black Hole Sun"

Nifra & Fisherman "The New Breed"

Nine Inch Nails "Sin"

Marc Simz "Drain the Oceans"

Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus"

Above & Beyond "Waltz"


Hour 2:


Talla 2XLC "Mosaic"

Andrea Ribeca "Astral Key"

The Police "Message In a Bottle"

Pathfinders "Lost Generation"

Cascade "Trancend"

Erasure "A Little Respect"

Activa & John Dopping "It Never Ends"

The Thrillseekers & Factor B "Immerse"