EDM PDX Track Listing


October 20, 2018

Hour 1:


Delerium & Jes "Stay"

Coldplay "Clocks"

Steve Brian Feat. Christian Carcamo "Wait For Me"

Oliver Smith "I Know"

Lovely The Band "Broken"

Above & Beyond Feat. Richard Bedford "Happiness Amplified"

Bastille "Quarter Past Midnight"

White Stripes "Seven Nation Army"

Omnia "Cyberpunk"

Ellez Ria Pres. Arkam "Freedom Light"


Hour 2:


Artento Divini "Aeon"

ReOrder "All Comes Back To You"

Lily Allen "The Fear"

F.G. Noise "Duality"

Depeche Mode "Enjoy The Silence"

Talla 2XLC & Allen Watts "Equinox"

Linkin Park "Numb"

Craig Connelly "The Creator"

Davey Asprey "Alone In The Wilderness"