EDM PDX Track Listing


March 23, 2019

Hour 1:


Resonance, Johan Vilborg & Adam Szabo "Two to One"

Imagine Dragons "Natural"

Dark Echo "Day 22"

Passion Pit "The Reeling"

Raz Nitzan & Ellie Lawson "Beyond Time"

Peter, Bjorn & John "Young Folks"

OneWorld "Lingus"

Sunny Lax "Sheeverz"

Rodg "The Coaster"

Game Of Thrones Title Theme

Depeche Mode "Personal Jesus"


Hour 2:


Abstract Vision & Ultimate "Ethereal"

U96 "Das Boot"

A-ha "Take On Me"

Altern8 "Armageddon"

Foo Fighters "Walk"

F System "Into The Blue"

Death Cab For Cutie "Northern Lights"

Factor B Feat. Cat Martin "Crashing Over"

Lost Witness Feat. Thea Riley "Did I Dream"