EDM/PDX Track Listing

EDM/PDX Track Listing


July 25, 2020

Hour 1:


Oceanlab "Secret"

Dayglow "Can I Call You Tonight?"

Deepsky "Cosmic Dancer"

The Killers "Caution"

Bt & Matt Fax "1am in Paris"

Kings of Leon "Sex on Fire"

Above & Beyond "Jam"

Lana Del Rey "Doin' Time"

Sleepthief & Zoe Johnston "Alice's Door"


Hour 2:


Eugenio Tokarev "Melifluo"

Imagine Dragons "Whatever It Takes"

Dan Stone "Vice Versa"

The Fixx "One Thing Leads To Another"

BiXX & Last Soldier "Unity"

Billie Eilish "No Time To Die"

Ciro Visone & Semper T. "Ultron"

Lily Allen "The Fear"

Khalai "Cybercore"