EDM/PDX Tracklisting

EDM/PDX Track Listing


August 1, 2020

Hour 1:


Yotto "Daydreaming"

The Killers "Caution"

Altered Waves "Lonely Motions"

Dayglow "Can I Call You Tonight?"

Orkidea & Sunscreem "Perfect Potion"

The 1975 "Somebody Else"

Major Lazer Feat. Marcus Mumford "Lay Your Head On Me"

Oceanlab "On The Beach"

Sunny Lax & EL Waves "Stay"


Hour 2:


XiJaro & Pitch & LightControl "Elixir Of Angels"

Foo Fighters "Times Like These"

Trance Arts, Kirsty Hawkshaw & Jan Johnston "Smoke"

Muse "Knights Of Cydonia"

Ryan K "La Source"

Coldplay "The Scientist"

Dan Stone "Vice Versa"

Ben Ashley "Sapphire"