EDM/PDX Tracklisting

EDM/PDX Track Listing


September 5, 2020

Hour 1:


Alpha 9 "All That I Can"

Dayglow "Can I Call You Tonight?"

Rodg "Want Love"

The Killers "Caution"

Aurosonic & Kate Louise Smith "I Would've Stayed"

Major Lazer feat. Marcus Mumford "Lay Your Head On Me"

BT & Matt Fax "1 AM in Paris"

Twentyone Pilots "Level of Concern"

Markus Schulz & Adina Butar "In Search of Sunrise"

Billie Eilish "My Future"

Above & Beyond Feat. Zoe Johnston "Reverie"


Hour 2:


Talla 2XLC "All The Dreams We Shared"

Oceanlab "Clear Blue Water"

Ben Ashley "Sapphire"

Armin Van Buuren & Brennan Heart feat. Andreas Moe "All On Me"

Cold Blue "Luminous"

Re:Locate Vs. Robert Nickson "Vivid"

D72 "Acid Drop"

Dan Stone "Vice Versa"