WATCH: Final Hunger Strike Duet by Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder

May 23, 2017
Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell performance collage

USA Today

A recent Rolling Stone article unearthed a recording of the last time Eddie Vedder and Chris Cornell sang the Temple of the Dog song “Hunger Strike” together.

Their final duet of the song took place at the 2014 Bridge School Benefit, an annual acoustic concert that benefits the school’s mission of helping those with speech and physical impairments.

The pair first sang the song together back in 1990 when they met. At the time, “Hunger Strike” was a one-verse song, and while rehearsing the new album, Cornell was trying to figure out how to best end the song. According to Rolling Stone, newcomer Vedder just walked over and started singing the low part as Cornell took the high part.

And just like that, one of the most quintessential grunge songs was complete.