Passport Approved Playlist


March 31, 2019

EASY LIFE – “Nightmares” (Island Records, UK)

WHENYOUNG – “Never Let Go” (Virgin/EMI, Ireland)

SPORTS TEAM – “M5” (Holm Front, UK)

LYRA – “Falling” (Polydor, UK)

TWO YEAR VACATION – “I Forgot Your Name (But I Like You)” (Clouds Hill, Sweden)

GOOD WEATHER FORECAST – “Superhumans” (Starwatch, Germany)

DEMOB HAPPY – “Less Is More” (SO Recordings, UK)

BENE – “Soaked” (Unsigned, New Zealand)

BALTHAZAR – “Wrong Vibration” (Play It Again Sam, Belgium)

LONGFELLOW – “Iscariot” (Unsigned, UK)

THE LUKA STATE – “What’s My Problem” (Project Records, UK)

SHLOMI ASH – “Wake Up” (Unsigned, Israel)

BLITZ UNION – “Revolution” (Unsigned, Czech Republic)

* LAUREN WALLER – “Quicksand” (Unsigned, N. America)

* CIRCA WAVES – “Movies” (Prolifica, UK)

* COYLE GIRELLI – “Where’s My Girl?” (Unsigned, UK)

TIM SCHOU – “Acapella” (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

BLACK HONEY – “Crowded City” (Fox Five Records, UK)

BAD SOUNDS – “Wages” (Unsigned, UK)

TROPHY EYES – “Lavender Bay” (Hopeless Records, Australia)

BAKER GRACE – “Numb” (Unsigned, N. America)

SLIDE – “Floating” (If Music Could Talk/AWAL, Sweden)

INDOOR PETS – “Being Strange” (Wichita, UK)

STATE LIGHTS – “Lonely” (Unsigned, Ireland)

DRENGE – “Autonomy” (Infectious, UK)

INGER – “Coming Home” (Unsigned, Estonia)

STICKY FINGERS – “Loose Ends” (Sureshaker, Australia)

SMITH & THELL – “Forgive Me Friend (Feat. Swedish Jam Factory)”, (Playground Music, Sweden)

CARAVAN PALACE – “Miracle” (Le Café de la Danse/Wagram/MVKA, France)

* MELLOR – “Arms Length” (Unsigned, UK) 

* EMME LENTINO – “Oxygen” (Unsigned, New Zealand)

* DOLLY & THE DINOSAUR – “Unofficial” (Unsigned, UK)

* MICHEL YOUNG – “Come Over” (Unsigned, Sweden)