Passport Approved Playlist


August 4, 2019

LARKINS – “Sugar Sweet” (Good Soldier Songs, UK)

MADS LANGER – “Me Without You” (Sony, Denmark) 

WHENYOUNG – “The Others” (Virgin/EMI, Ireland)

KIDDO X GASHI – “Coming Down” (BLNK Music, Sweden)

TEN TONNES – “Better Than Me” (Warner Music, UK) 

WAITING FOR SMITH – “Trade It In” (Four One Seven Records, UK)

TRIBE FRIDAY – “Sixteen Minutes” (Unsigned, Sweden)

BITTER’S KISS – “Just Like Heaven” (Unsigned, N. America)

DOTAN – “Numb” (7 Layers, Holland)

YONAKA – “Rockstar” (Atlantic, UK) 

TIM SCHOU – “Beat Around The Bush” (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

THE FAULTS – “Alexander” (Unsigned, Australia)

VIDEOCLUB – “En Nuit” (Unsigned, France)

*STATE LIGHTS – “Open Your Arms” (Unsigned, Ireland)

*VINCI – “Lions” (Unsigned, Ireland)

*TREE LINED STREETS – “No Friend Of Mine” (Unsigned, Ireland)

THE WHITE LAKES – “Wolves” (The Lost Agency, UK)

FERGUS JAMES - "Back To Life" (Unsigned, Australia) 

EMMI KING – “Million Dollar Movie” (Unsigned, Germany)

SLIDE – “Floating” (Unsigned, Sweden)

SHLOMI ASH – “To The River” (Unsigned, Israel)

THE LUKA STATE – “Girl” (Unsigned, UK)

JACK GRAY – “Fools” (Warner Music, Australia)

LOST IN STEREO – “Adrenaline” (Unsigned, Scotland)

MAGNUS MIA – “Fool’s Mirage” (Unsigned, Hong Kong)

SEA GIRLS – “Damage Done” (Unsigned, UK)

NOSOYO – “Highness” (Embassy of Music, Germany) 

THE DUNTS – “Bad Decisions” (Unsigned, Scotland)

BLACK HONEY – “I Don’t Ever Wanna Love” (Fox Five Records, UK)

*BLITZ UNION – “Deleted” (Unsigned, Czech Republic)

*DOLLY & THE DINOSAUR – “Unofficial” (Unsigned, UK) 

*LUKE ZEPHRY – “Take Me Instead”