Passport Approved Playlist


October 6, 2019

TRIBE FRIDAY – “Badger” (Unsigned, Sweden)

VINCI – “Lions” (Unsigned, Ireland)

LOLA MARSH – “Echoes” (Anova Music, Israel)

TEN TONNES – “Counting Down” (Warner Music, UK) 

HONEYMOAN – “Low Blow” (Unsigned, South Africa)

AMBER RUN – “Neon Circus” (Easy Life, UK) 

TALISCO – “Moments” (Roy Music, France)

LARKINS – “Sugar Sweet” (Good Soldier Songs, UK)

YONAKA – “Rockstar” (Atlantic, UK)

JAMES DEACON – “Not Givin’ Up” (Bad Future, South Africa)

STICKY FINGERS – “Teenage Vertigo” (Sureshaker, Australia)

DOTAN – “Numb” (7 Layers, Holland)

ABHI THE NOMAD – “Me No Evil” (Unsigned, N. America)

* PRIMA DONNA – “Sing To Death” (Wicked Cool Records, N. America)

* MOONLIGHT BREAKFAST – “Summer” (Moonlight Breakfast Records, Romania)

* GO GO BERLIN – “Love Me” (Heartbeat Music, Denmark)

* ROE – “Girls” (Fictive Kin, N. Ireland) 

WAITING FOR SMITH – “Monkey’s In My Head” (Four One Seven Records, UK)

THE MYSTERINES – “Take Control” (Unsigned, UK)

MADS LANGER – “Me Without You” (Sony, Denmark) 

POST-PARTY – “Love You Everyday” (Unsigned, Ireland)

MAGNUS MIA – “Head Like A Hole” (Unsigned, Hong Kong) 

SPEAKER FIRST – “If It Ain’t You” (Vulcan, Indonesia)

SOPHIE & THE GIANTS – “Waste My Air” (Unsigned, UK) 

TIM SCHOU – “Beat Around The Bush” (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

SPYRES – “Otherside” (Unsigned, Scotland)

SAM JOHNSON – “Trip On Gold” (Universal Music, UK)

IVY FLINDT – “Seal My Lips” (Unsigned, Germany)

LUNA BAY – “Call The Night” (Unsigned, UK)

LAURAN HIBBERD – “Frankie’s Girlfriend” (Unsigned, UK)

* CALLUM BEATTIE -  "Nothing Hurts Like You" (3Beat/Universal, UK)

* LOST IN STEREO – “Adrenaline” (Unsigned, Scotland)

* BLOSSOM CALDARONE – “Perfect Too” (Unsigned, UK)

* RED RUM CLUB – “TV Said So” (Modern Sky, UK)