Passport Approved Playlist


April 14, 2018

TORS – “Wilder Days” (Unsigned, UK) Wilder Days 3:37

THE BONGO CLUB – “Tell Your Friends” (Motor Music, Sweden) Tell Your Friends 3:44

CHAMPYONS – “Oceans” (Embassy of Music, Germany) Cha Cha Cha 3:03

MARMOZETS – “Start Again” (Roadrunner Records, UK) Start Again 3:20

DONKEYBOY – “It’ll Be Alright” (Warner Music Group, Norway) It’ll Be Alright 2:58

THE MAGIC GANG – “Getting Along” (Warner Music, UK) Getting Along 2:48

ZACH WOLF – “Brother” (Unsigned, N. America) Brother 3:44

LONGFELLOW – “Plasticine” (Unsigned, UK) Plasticine 3:15

TOM GREGORY – “Losing Sleep” (Armada, Germany) Losing Sleep 3:23

EDITORS – “Magazine” (PIAS, UK) Magazine 3:35

POLAROID SUMMER – “Tides” (Unsigned, N. America) Tides 3:14


BLOSSOMS – “I Can't Stand It” (Virgin EMI, UK) I Can’t Stand It 2:58

* CATHOLIC ACTION – “Black & White” (Modern Sky, Scotland) Black & White 3:30

* LAUREN WALLER – “Sunshine” (Unsigned, N. America) Sunshine 3:52

* ONR – “American Gods” (Capitol, Scotland) American Gods 3:24

THE PALE WHITE – “Loveless” (Illegal Cinema Records, UK) Loveless 3:14

DUETS & STUFF – “Hold On” (Unsigned, Sweden) Hold On 3:38

VERTICOLI – “Free Will” (Firestarter, Australia) Free Will 3:47

STATE LIGHTS – “Peace Will Come” (Unsigned, Ireland) Peace Will Come 3:14

MADYX – “I Melt With You” (Unsigned, N. America) I Melt With You 3:26

LIME CORDIALE – “Naturally” (Chugg Music, Australia) Naturally 2:51

GIANT PARTY – “White Ink” (Label Fandango, UK) White Ink 4:13

OROUNI – “The Sea Castle” (Feat. Emma Broughton) (Sauvage Records, France) The Sea Castle 2:40

THEODORE – “Towards (For What Is To Come)” (Unsigned, Greece) Towards (For What Is To Come) 3:55 

VILE ASSEMBLY – “Last Century Man” (Vial Records, UK) The Elephant In The Room 3:38

BLOW – “You Killed Me On The Moon” (Sony, France) You Killed Me On The Moon 3:10

SPEAKER FIRST – “Break My Soul” (Unsigned, Indonesia) Break My Soul 3:17

SHAYNA LEIGH – “Live Your Dash”  (Unsigned, N. America) Live Your Dash 3:29

* HOCKEY DAD – “Homely Feeling” (Lab Records, Australia) Homely Feeling 2:37

* DANA REXX – “Last Man Standing” (Unsigned, Belgium) Last Revolution EP 3:14 

* DED RABBIT – “Moonlight Horror” (Unsigned, Scotland) Moonlight Horror 3:38