Passport Approved Playlist


June 24, 2018

THE RAH’S – “Survival” (Unsigned, Scotland) Survival 3:19

UNS – “Internetgold” (Unsigned, Germany) Internetgold 3:37

PICTURE THIS – “This Morning” (Warner Music, Ireland) This Morning 3:16

BLOSSOMS – “There’s A Reason Why (I Never Returned Your Calls)” (Virgin EMI, UK) Blossoms 3:42

GURR – “Hot Summer” (Unsigned, Germany) Hot Summer 2:36

SPEAKER FIRST – “If It Ain’t You” (Unsigned, Indonesia) If It Ain’t You 3:07

ALL MANKIND – “Help Me To My Feet” (Unsigned, Australia) Help Me To My Feet 3:34

BRIGHT RIGHTEOUS -“Satellites” (Sugar Gator Records / Fontana North, Canada) Satellites 3:37

SATELLITE STORIES – “Coupons” (XYZ/Playground/Universal Music, Finland) Coupons 3:14

LINN KOCH-EMMERY – “Wires” (Welfare Sounds & Records, Sweden) Wires 3:40

THE SLOW READERS CLUB – “Lunatic” (Modern Sky, UK) Lunatic 3:34


BLOW – “Green Unicorn” (Sony, France) Vertigo 3:07

* VERTICOLI – “Free Will” (Firestarter, Australia) Free Will 3:47

* POLAROID SUMMER – “Tides” (Unsigned, N. America) Tides 3:14

* MARCV5 – “SDS” (Introduce Records, Belgium) SDS 3:08

BRAND NEW FRIEND – “Seatbelts For Aeroplanes” (Xtra Mile Recordings, UK) Seatbelts For Aeroplanes 3:56

STATE LIGHTS – “Peace Will Come” (Unsigned, Ireland) Peace Will Come 3:14

LIME CORDIALE – “Can I Be Your Lover” (Chugg Music, Australia) Can I Be Your Lover 3:39

PHOENIX O’NEILL – “Little Girl” (Unsigned, UK) Little Girl 3:31

TEN TONNES – “Lay It On Me” (Warner Music, UK) Lay It On Me 3:39

BAXTER DURY – “Listen” (Moshi Moshi, UK) Listen 3:05

VANDER + THE PEOPLE  – “Inflict Me” (Unsigned, Australia) Inflict Me 3:16

TORS – “We Say No” (Unsigned, UK) We Say No 3:18

LAUREN WALLER – “Can’t See” (Unsigned, N. America) No Names Here 3:05

THE VITRIOTS – “Long Way Down” (Sureshaker, Australia) Long Way Down 3:45

SHAYNA LEIGH – “Defiant” (Unsigned, N. America) Defiant 3:30

THE BONGO CLUB – “Take Me On” (Motor Music, Sweden) Tell Your Friends 3:44

ALEX LAHEY – “I Love You Like A Brother” (Dead Oceans, Australia) I Love You Like A Brother 2:51

* THEODORE – “Do You Know How To Fall” (Unsigned, Greece) It Is But It’s Not 4:00

* LONGFELLOW – “Plasticine” (Unsigned, UK) Plasticine 3:23

* EMME LENTINO – “Oxygen” (Unsigned, New Zealand) Oxygen 4:59