Passport Approved Playlist


October 14, 2018

THE DUNTS – “Witch Hunt” (Unsigned, Scotland) 

HEY GERONIMO – “Runaway World” (Unsigned, Australia)

NEW BEAT FUND – “When She’s Sober” (Unsigned, N. America)

GO GO BERLIN – “Famous ‘Till The End” (Heartbeat Music, Denmark)

COYLE GIRELLI – “Where’s My Girl” (Unsigned, UK) 

TIM SCHOU – “Run, Run, Run, Run, Run” (Iceberg Records, Denmark)

THE LIDS – “I’m So Bleak” (Unsigned, UK)

JRAFFE - "California" (Unsigned, N. America)

TROPHY EYES – “Friday Forever” (Hopeless Records, Australia)

MOBY RICH – “Yoko Ono” (TAP Records, UK)

MELLOR – “Arms Length” (Unsigned, UK) 

STATE LIGHTS – “Freedom” (Unsigned, Ireland)

MADYX – “Girl Boy” (Unsigned, N. America)

* SPRING KING – “Us Vs Them” (Island, UK)

* TONICA – “California” (Unsigned, UK)

* DEAF HAVANA – “Sinner” (SO Recordings, UK)

TELEMAN – “Song For A Seagull” (Moshi Moshi, UK)

THOMAS AZIER – “Echoes” (Unsigned, Holland)

TEN TONNES – “G.I.V.E.” (Warner Music, UK)

DAMIAN LYNN – “Feel The Heat” (MsBest/Phonag Records, Switzerland)

THE RAH’S – “Survival” (Unsigned, Scotland)

BLOSSOMS – “How Long Will This Last (Virgin/EMI, UK)

THE RESPONSE – “Practical” (Unsigned, New Zealand)

SEA GIRLS – “Eat Me Whole” (Unsigned, UK) 

ALL MANKIND – “Dreamers” (Unsigned, Australia)

DOLLY & THE DINOSAUR – “Unofficial” (Unsigned, UK)


LOST IN STEREO – “Save Me” (Unsigned, Scotland)

SEAN & THE SINNERS – "Not Gonna Fall In Love" (Extreme/Sony ATV, N. America)

* EMME LENTINO – “Here’s Where The Story Ends” (Unsigned, New Zealand)

* LEONIDEN – “River” (Euphorie, Germany) 

* VANDER + THE PEOPLE – “Victorious” (Unsigned, Australia)

* THE VITRIOTS – “Long Way Down” (Sureshaker, Australia)