Thanin Viriyak

The Weird Homes Tour is Coming to Portland

Our city is full of the weirdest houses!

June 26, 2018

On Saturday, June 30th, Portland's weirdest homes will be opening their doors for nosy people like myself who have always wanted to see what's on the inside! Do you like weird stuff? Do you like open houses? Do you like tours? Well then you should love the Portland Weird Homes Tour - which features a friggen airplane house made out of an old 727 Boeing jet!

This super fun start-up has featured homes in Austin, Detroit, and New Orleans just to name a few. They do these tours "to showcase the places that make cities fun, irreverent and strange, and to give people a glimpse into authentic dwellings, many of them home to local artists, performers and creatives." Cool, right? And it makes total sense that Portland would be on their list of cities to stop in. We're all about keeping things weird. Check them out!