02/15/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - an exploration of a psychic medium who helps solves cold cases, and much more.

Thursday, February 16th

02/15/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson - guest Jill Marie Morris introduces us to her work as an Investigative Psychic Medium. SHe helps solves cold cases, investigates notoriously haunted locations, and more. Her sensitivities were first realized as a young child and she has continued to hone and sharpen them throughout her life. Plus listener calls and more.


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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. Cannot. I don't know you're planning tool beyond reality radio CEO we. Wednesday night slash Thursday morning edition running SJ we going to that is the Westwood One deal there is definitely saying this show right now would be called the Thursday show. Yeah it's it was confusing when I saw a press release him rhetorical Tuesday answers Saturday brought gifts or January where it's so we're all going to be confused. Probably weeks but that's just that's on your typical and historical way he had already out there listen beyond failure nearly should tune in tonight whether you're tuning in to talk. One of the green stations we are on which will be a great amount more in about three to three weeks. An hour or if you tuning in online com you can also click the listen line of button right on beyond router to unite common. And join me online chat there's always greet people and their friends oral communicating back and forth geez everybody shows up to merit on the mine my director of photography Kendall yes he's he's in the Arenas pretty cool to see Kendall she'll open there any Kendall. Yeah he's busy working on wall and he's not with me he's working on the wicked tuna and he's working uncle's Brothers and he's working now is that it shows hasn't. But he said because we're always hangouts like c'mon huge cheer them. Oh I know he's anxious to get work really get and so that so called her. Yes soon enough yet we have a great the show tonight we've got Joseph remorse joining us Joseph is a respected investigative psychic medium. In India in addition to using their abilities to assist various agencies with cold cases she's investigated the histories of homes in small cities across the US. And debt relative two notorious haunting so she gonna talk about those parties and what she's found she's got a couple of books will talk about. She's a very gifted lady ranks ever on the show. Absolutely and tomorrow night we've got Seth breedlove assume he's not small town monsters. It was an independent film series that explores Lawson does our history around the United States. And Seth has actually just finished up his most recent one just came out the moth man of Point Pleasant. And Gigi and I've talked about that numerous times are the mafia in general on were actually looking to head down for the festival this year media and you know and Jane Judy said it's gonna Wear little custom and run around. I'll run her child I'll Wear their wings and the and the tights in there and the reliably say is that it's crisis time just streaking with wings earlier I wish I was. And whatever else is used to me it's a festival you got to take part in the you know when in Rome brain well it you're going to be definitely be festive. Yes so what we're anxious to do that because of them the moth man. Legends myths this mystery conspiracy whatever it is. Is something we've been fascinated about and talked about. A little on the program maybe not enough for our liking because we really really do want to learn more about it so settles. Have some fresh information write off of his small towns monsters. Edition of the moth man of Point Pleasant. Yes should be fun to be fun and it's going to be an extremely long night for me Judy tonight. What we're doing the show under the normal heart because now I have had to DC for CSU well suited to my action the morning's going to be long for you. More than 9 in the morning you know obviously president he's ourselves so you disagree pretty bad yet you're heading to DC it's too and he still he still going for film and porpoises. Yes filling porpoises and focuses our or how it as if I'm going to DC should fill meets bombing zombies or just something responsive Bernard Barbara yes so what is out there and I give back tomorrow night right before the show looked let me ask you this what you juror a timetable for being able to let all these curious folks know what you're actually doing. Because many giving people hint he's really not filming porpoises. Yeah or a bomb. I don't know I just don't know that falls under legal. You know which I would prefer not to get involved in Sorenson in this car has a good move out to a but I swear I'll let everybody know as soon as we can actually is happening on throats of souls is all we can do. Have you seen so this weird stuff that's been popping up the wall was always where it's popping up for the news and you got to really make sure that it's true and. And everything else but Dubai is set to launch the world's first hover taxis within the next few months. I've heard I can't imagine how that's gonna work but it's a school when the seas are nothing but. Oversized drones. They're the wildest things but terrifying as well officials from the by. State transport authority have have announced that they seem to have hovered taxis up and running by July of this year. With passengers able to get Iraq I get around at an altitude of a thousand feet. And it speeds of about a sixty miles an hour. The vehicles they're banking on called GE hang 184. Actually merges two of the bigs advancements in transport in recent years hovering and self driving technology. Tom the idea is that passengers will program their destination at the start of the ride and the Harvard taxi will get them there are no driver required. Are the hang 184 built by Chinese drone manufacturing. At has been in development since 2013 and was on display this week at the world government summit 2017 and the buck. That's I don't so driving around the drone yet so this is basically. A superpower drone that has no driver you'll get an it'll take you to a thousand feet and cruise your on city where it'll tell you yeah where you wanna go and I think is but it's not far fetched because some of the drones I have here. I can I can literally just open my iPad and program rate through Google Maps. Where I want my turn on the go and I don't have to fly later in the takes off it'll go do it can do what it's doing and come back and land itself. So they're just putting and I'm a much bigger scale. But the autonomous aerial vehicle exhibited at the world government summit is he is not just a model contractor general divided road in transport authority. My tar held ten year. Told reporters we have already experimented with these vehicles and a flight in the device so we are ready to messing teasing and the they pretty much looked just like a drone just you know a lot bigger. You know while that's that it's cool to see if it actually you know I mean I EEE certain wonders you know you have bunch of these things aren't in the avoid each other and what does that benefit and some of the drones I've gotten or you were with me at the CES Jim we're talking with that may accompany unique event and can be doing some software. And their drones have all these different censors all around them what is so of their and there are avoidance sensors to. And he was saying its drone flying 45 to 455050. Miles an hour and it would come whipping and would literally stop you two to three. 24 to 36 inches away from him. And it was amazing so they're sure they put that mama I'm bigger scale as well. And a amino you know I wonder. And when you talk about driver Lewis taxicabs in order in the streets know you talk about driver Lewis drones that are basically flying taxis. In all these driver listings at some point it you know what happens when you know. There's a some kind of solar flare that crap the power crashes for a few moments and would do everything drops everything drops out of society hill to break connects via. Their dad and that's not something new you know Rory here so. Well especially sorry that I evidenced Aaron I don't know but. It's it's a wild concept and I think if they can make it work it'll be neat to see how it how it goes on over there because I have to be honest about it. They're sort of cutting edge on on all the stuff lately. Via the mobile device I have a story here about divide as well that it takes it even a step further. I'll really PS device is talking about being the force behind the first city to be built on Mars by the year 2117. So a hundred years from now. Thus the so they they plan to be pretty much the first to actually go there and colonize it. Well well what they're saying is that they're working whiz. In collaboration with specialized international organizations and scientific institutes. For a project that was announced by the sheik of Dubai. And other rule of for a government officials. It's a hundred year national program and they splendid prepare a bit national. Criteria that canoe chief scientific breakthroughs to facilitate. The transport of people to Mars over the next decades. It's a hundred year plan that'll involve scientific research programs to nurture national. Specialized space sciences. And it also entrench a passion for space in younger generations kind of what the United States did back in the fifties and sixties and got. You know kids in school all interest and and it becoming scientists which we don't do anymore. On and the announcement was on the sideline of the same some of the you just talked budget the world government's seven summit with a 138 governments in them. In attendance new project be associated with research teams featuring. The exploration of transportation means energy and food on Mars. It also try to find faster transportation methods for traveling to and from Mars. If virtual presentation depicting a preliminary concept for the city on Mars was made during the announcement. Morality in a tiny eyes are released on America split share what you think hair some incredible things they've been doing especially in more than buildings and stuff they've been doing over there but I. Mean these guys right down to it and you're seeing them all the to have over there no Manet to get seen pictures via. I mean they have had indoor ski. Resort ski resort inside the mall chip. While. The I inside the mall is doing did you just to buy have the tallest building in the world leadership and have been monitored oil money will do a lot for ya. Yes I guess it will put sounds amazing to to see things their actually. Working on have you heard just ten years ago on another step further with this whole. Craziness that's out there I'm scientists have announced to our plan to re freeze the Arctic. You know I mean why do we need to do that it's cold enough. It well I'd because it's it's melting but. Well when. Despite times. And desperate times call for desperate measures and with the temperatures near the North Pole hitting an unheard of 36 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than average last year things in the Arctic are undeniably grim right now. Rather than sit by and watches a sea ice disappears in the region. Scientists have hatched a crazy planned to rephrase the arc. Now how do you think you go about this man well I just will agree it is a crazy plan but no I don't I have no idea how to do this do you know do that say how they're gonna do well yes they. By installing. Ten million. Win. Wind powered pumps over the ice cap to spray sea water over the surface replenish the C news. Ten million. Yeah you heard that are ten million wind powered pumps I don't know and they say it's our only strategy at present time seems to be to tell people to stop burning fossil fuels. A lead researcher in Arizona State University physicist Stephen dash told the guardian it's a good idea but it's going to need a lot more than just a and just that to stop via the Arctic sea ice from disappearing. A new paper outlining the team's plan to re freezing Arctic. Estimates that ten million wind powered pumps could add an extra metre of sea ice into the regions currently here which would help protect it from the globe the globes rapidly increasing temperatures. You look so I'm. I don't know it just seems you know they're saying thicker ice would mean longer lasting rights which goes of course council story and a on intern that would mean the danger of all the sea ice disappearing from the Arctic in summer would be reduced. So it gives it that actually airing. Guess I don't know I'd I don't I think despise lecture time Heidi I think what's stopping us folly at a state dinner this whole thing we are talking with things like this or that it's all folly frissora you don't care for that'll global warming. I. No I'm not saying it's not happening I'm just saying that we we know so little about it that is tough for us to make any. Formed decisions are. Terra around come any. Resolute conclusions. It's just justice and I think it's possible we'll especially when you did a story just last month talking about how there was that whole thing admitting he had the data release front front exactly the date as fraudulent meaning there it's an agenda just like any other agenda and the order earth warms and cools. It has been doing it for billions of years. We haven't had any plane and we can't control it and it's just gonna continue to do it no matter what we do. He had a touchy subject I may have a but that's okay we can attest to two matrix two did you. Did you happen to see the personal island view and I know my up a problem like that after the children and an hour and Aaron Hill and finally find the treasure we know. Okay no way serie a tender amount for Nevada a next week they showed it's a two hour season finale next week and they showed drive in my did you spend showing you highlights every night jumping around it meets our high fives in south they pulled cleans up. Yeah that's in the previews for the next week here that's really you know there's so anomaly today registering this week telling you but it destroyed next week but filling in and at a time while while that's OK and so excited to see it and well put to him that just goes back to Scott we Annan about what three weeks ago four weeks ago I'm Scott weren't talking about the Kensington rooms don't. Yes young guys are here and he was telling us that they'll never find anything down there because you know it's an island of course they're gonna get water and that's right there's none of these of these these tunnels were dug. It takes up my bureau well that'll be interesting to find out and if it's the season finale in the tease you with coins do you think they're teasing you know the next season or do you think. Direction and come to some resolution a doughnut hole in the thing is but well the last couple seasons and has been on the haven't had a two. Two hour season finale I'd I don't remember what right now that's right it's been so for this to be two hours long past India and ask you something added to let you know and besides civic or our committees maybe connection our commercial exactly. Exactly but now it looks good and the life voice on with me and she slate. They're playing me. She is applying make every week everywhere every week is just eaten she loves associates this jolts area I think a lot of people shouldn't get their because they've they've really made they've done so much they've put. So much money into there there there search. With some seriously incredible equipment. And yet they're not turn up anything up until this point so that's been frustrating for a lot of people and of course has got to be a major financial blow but I'm sure that. Also. The network they're working with act helps with the financial cost them longer it's hard because they wanna Feldman. Mean the main networks and make money off sharing it. There has to be some benefit to via the people who actually looking for this treasure to have this company there and taking up some of their time by filming what they're trying to do on their daily lives. You know well. We'll wait and see the season knowing next week I'll watch. The curtain when 29 after the show looking forward to that over the phone a brief 446877669. And and let's see what else do we have going on we gotta talk what FaceBook page. We do we dill and I'll also actually clear the air I posted something earlier on in the chat room and if it again if you haven't beaten go to go to beyond reality radio net dot com click the listen Lional connector and its Arab and Mike Cameron and Kendall candles and that. And lunatic talking about the drones and Campbell took something biology pages a great. Drone operator. Well Kendall and I said Kendall and I him he'll. Broke into Canadian airspace one time few years ago which has gone by and we did when he just explained Terry Kendall and I were down at Niagara Falls. And we decided that you don't hey let's fly the drones but we had no idea that we're flying the drones that we're. Breaking certain certain laws and we are going way too far out and so. Yeah people sort of showing up we got our stuff and and got the hell out of there quickly as we could go to. Agassi could have grabbed our equipment the kind of grabbed their cameras and all that stuff it would have been very bad so. Panel so much wanted to explain that a little little more for for everybody who's who saw my little posts in the chat room photo spray. And that's candle he can be arrested in the time and give every. It wasn't me I kept on saying kennel bad idea that I can you don't want to do spot and he did his trip into creating an international incident. Geez can be Canadian bacon all over again sorry so on this is the website if you haven't done that yet that's for the chat room is beyond reality radio dot com we also have a really cool. Feature there that we had a full week or two ago if you click on the guests tab. On the website. And you can see little information about all the guests we have on the program plus and ebooks or other things they've got available four. Sale and it's all right there which one click process and I can find that staffer and a beyond reality radio dot com. And like we said tomorrow night we SF breedlove coming on taught him a small town monsters. His independent film series that that he's created but this new one that he's done is the mall meant a Point Pleasant. And are we talking with him on that tomorrow and then Monday we've got very strong who he uses the gift to spear communication by means of channeling board. By means of channeling board to bring information. It concern for the deaths on. Are we talking to him. And then Tuesday we're going to be talking to Tom Schroder. Tom has done an award winning journalist writer and editor for nearly forty years sole author of old souls compelling evidence from children who remember past lives. Classic study of the border between science and mysticism and. And when tonight as well rob dutrow. Who considers would you be happy you know mr. he considers himself an average guy who just happens to be able to hear feel sensed. And communicate with earth bound ghosts and spirits. It's an average guy just an average cut it can do that so that every Wednesday night of next week. I don't want to take a second before we have to go to break here and wish more of our chat room members. Somebody's been witnessed for very very long time goes by name of the name of blocking chat room seventh birthday and it's who monitor I think it's yet the sixteenth at Alex's birthday is after Britain buck. Happy birthday book you don't do this for everybody Burton. We appreciate you doing farm well I'm not going to sing for him but one of the things about buck and one of the reasons I wanted to say happy birthdays he and I seem to share a very similar interest in music. Mean he seems to he's a big Beatles fan as are mine. And we Cutler frequently commenting about the music. That we talk about a play in the chat room. Aaron set the set but if that helps I don't I don't. On center and look at our Alessio let's go to break when we come back we'll bring our guest and again. Our guest tonight is Jill Marie more arrests she's a respected investigative psychic medium our phone number is 844687. 7669. It's beyond reality radio would Jason to be done. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality radio web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I don't ran out Jason or Austin Johnson. Thanks for listening when you're listening online or in a local radio station we appreciate you being along for the ride. Absolutely and our guests to an agreement taught you would chill marine Morris are respected investigative. Psychic medium in addition to using her abilities to assist in various agencies with cold cases she's investigated the histories of homes and small cities across the United States. So should be finishing topic yet and before we bring her and actually it's go to the phone lines here. And know every one of her regular callers in this is Preston. Presents from Alabama Preston welcome to the show. Listen you there. Yes so are you hear me yet we hear him yeah I am sorry about player had torn by next. Carry out do it we're doing yourself. I don't know I don't intend unit my grandfather passed away this morning and didn't return. A sergeant. Yes Saturday it would sound great and so. Dungy is well still on so I'm sorry to hear that her prayers go out tune and there are serious animal. Yes sir thank you so almost Jenks and an intentional walk my student questions that are sure. A column and I aren't sure Hewitt the future. And I don't just want to finish Q. How how could actually in the country. You know at the best way it would probably be if you sent it all if he gets slick caddies information on. You know slick Eddie can usually get it over to me now I'm just from there. Yet they write to you a press and hold on the line. Hold on the line if we're gonna hang up here and just hang on. And no slick Eddie will. Get some information and we'll let me tree haven't addressed the concerns something to boo we appreciate you calling don't going to Wear and a person around to you examine Preston we're sorry to hear about this of course OK so. So slick pick back call up let us go to our guests line to bring Jo Marie Morrissey and Joseph welcome to beyond reality radio so terrific to have you on the show tonight. Thank you so much and congratulations. On your stick apple show it. Film thank you very much and that's of that student all the listeners the fans are terrorists support and they're the ones who really initial success and having great people on like you to talk with them. You know it's just to have fun and learn earned and from new new things with so. Very cool yeah thank you so much for the opportunity. So Joseph you are in investigative psychic medium and you have a whole bunch other things that you do we're gonna get into a little bit of all of it but tell us how you got your start when you got you start when you start real asserted realizing he had some special sensitivities. And destined to figure out what it was all about. Well critic goes way way back. When actually it's just between two or three years old after I. Paternal grandfather had passed obviously at that age you know. It's hard not to comprehend. Eating cereal in the morning let alone when yours being. Your grandfather come back and and everybody has told you. And by. Older obligated memory was when I was about eighteen months old now. Taking an active consideration I still really clearly read amber. Some of the very first imprint I haven't kept after he died at the high. Paternal grandmother. Was kind of concerned because you know she's like well. My other grandmother and turn on the maternal IG we it's very gifted where other family members so they started talking. And it wasn't until I was a little bit older a year or so older. My grandfather came to me. It was very example you showed me air Rainsy. Told me something to say which was a very personal situation between. In my grandmother. And. Really kind of solidified with both migrant others that. I have some type of ability to let app point. Not maternal grandmother started kind of mentoring me and very protective you know. And thank god for that because especially when the older than I got and especially teenage years. Even back in the eighties their curiosity kind of its applications. And things can ago. You know Europe parties and people pull out ouija board she had at that time Saturday told need to stay away from stopped so. I think sheltered with I guess but she also taught me a lot though that was really. The whole apartment it's something that's how all my life she capped at 2000. And it's just such that internal part of my life. And how many ways and teaching need so many things from the native Americans either hurt badly as well it's you know being at the time Catholic and raised Catholic. You kind of make a balanced and talking to treat our trees and things of that nature so I wasn't oh. I guess seeing all of these ability. Yeah I get that but that lit let me step back a little bit because he said Amal now. In two and three years old and and senior deceased grandfather. And first off I'm just amazed you're saying you can remember something back to when you're eighteen months old because I have a hard time remembering things happened last week. So only a little OK let alone unable to remember something when I was in eighteen months old is is just amazing com. But now when you're saying two and three years old and senior deceased grandfather. But as a child at two and three you really at that time I don't think you can time to understand the concept of deceased of passed on. And so if fact I would and we talk about this on a show a lot where children haven't been conditioned in there what they're wide open nom. So to a child anything's possible and because of that. Because a big effect I brings a basket down the jamming bagged on the chimney every Christmas and they'd rather prison a basket every Easter. On a child that anything's possible so there are more prone to see things and adults. And it's not until they start being conditioned by him bite their parents and hold what's real what's not that they start closing off. But at the age of two and three. I understand the whole concept of death really isn't there. And so I can totally understand the fact that you still senior grandfather after he passed arm into it and he was purposely making contact with you as if he was aware that you could see him. Am that's what you have are what I do you remember it. Talking about it and one of the things like I'm maternal. Grandmother had talked me. Don't be afraid I can remember being buried on at that age it was scary. And from what I do you were in amber and I was confused I can vividly remember. Going to hear Karl. I vividly remember. Everybody crying. And the whole nine yards and then afterwards. He. Peter prevents differently heck if you could take me and a physical form it's not like you see somebody working on the streets. So that it up it felt it was jets and the way of communicating. And. It's so confusing and. But talking about it and I was actually afraid the first time that something to my grandmother that we should from question tell me. I was crying I don't remember adapt our our every member of the confusion. Ago. Being told he passed and going through that whole funeral and whatnot and and change can communicate with active it was apple. And you said that the year I don't remember what she says if Hoosier maternal or paternal grandmother started to mentor you. I. Paternal grandmother started to mentor you or was it was she someone who had. Had those sensitivities in and use them. Prior to you developing them are you being the least being aware you had them. Yeah absolutely at her grandmother. My grandmother weighs. Native Americans and she was basically. Taken away which are slipped her. From her mom who had become an alcoholic. And they had settled and a little. And Indian tribe if you will one western need irks states. And my grandmother and her sister partner and orphanage intra party arc which is Pakistan thinks that just says that's still there. So my grandmother our sister work. On firm but pretty much straight under native American upbringing to. Being raised in the Catholic church and that was kind of where Berkshire match which. It's my great great grandmother she waited. Chip why Andy and my great great grandfather John. It's Seneca Indian. And interest thinking about that is the abaco. Or on the air court did not get along with a chip locked up on an Indian and it was actually kind of taboo. Attica Indians believe that. You know come clean Indians in general. Work kinda neat because of their mr. believed. Kirk true it was a medicine woman of the tribe she was macular. She had apparently pro now. Yet as spoke a psychic and the media and so it kind of kept Albert generation that was discussed with currency now my great grandmother. And that wish. My grandmother she predicted Kennedy assassination. And my grandfather was like taboo in the house. It really freaked my grandfather Al and as a matter of fact. That's when. They became aware that. My mom like she doesn't have any psychic abilities but Wendy noticed what was going on which means my grandmother with concerns. Like how great opportunity. And you know what do we do with her we tell one Qiyue. She didn't want me to be let history here let down the wrong path but yet here she had. And it still that the Catholic upbringing or at that point about like. She would balance that she had held firm and had been raised that one point by her great grandmother are our grandmother so kinda merry hereditary and I am. Yeah that is interesting and down when you started to. Ask you. Had your original experience is set to recognize the had the abilities and were men toured what type of things did she work with you one specifically. The prep record at a first bank that Sheen had. Spoken with me about as a young child that I remember very clearly what not to be afraid. An issue with say a prayer she incorporated a lot of native American believe as well as with the catholicism. And she would teach me prayers. And she retained by ever did get scared that this which you do you take our prayers. She would always be strong. Well at the older that I got it was kind of this great area the more that I was learning could comprehend she would say. If you feel restaurant Tex if you feel uneasy and blocking. Check it out all the time. What is blocking because I'm mansion and bulk of the books. And it is definitely something she taught me which is if you were comparable with that feeling trickster back. You need to not look into that much if you need to. Almost compartmentalized. And block it off don't think about an app. Yours and yours I've hurt you know they don't feed and that especially darker things that he could do. Right OK when we have to run to break right now when we come back we'll continue to document their guest. Jill Marie more arrests and investigative psychic medium it's beyond reality radio Tucson GP. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the force in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives for more details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see you there and. And reality radio it's Jason Lawrence in chief. Johnson this is the best place to come for late night paranormal talk and as soon. It'll be on even more radio stations all around the country in the world actually mobile will be like the plague parts. Interesting you spreading spreading like a flu Paducah it's a great way to put it part of our guest tonight is Jill Marie Morris are respected investigative. Psychic medium. In addition to using your abilities to assist various agencies of cold cases she's also investigated the histories of homes. And small cities across the United States. On Joseph before I went to. Raid you're talking about how you're you are taught how to block these things to close these things off and out. That's a big thing especially coming from somebody like myself who. I've been investigating for 25 plus years and a lot of the cases I do. Are confidential cases that fall that we descent into body numerous religious organizations to. Two preliminary reports on whether it's a demonic type haunting or a so called possession type case. And of very important thing is being able to shut yourself down whether you're psychic or not. And try to keep the keep these things from my from and just becoming a problem. To you know mentally and physically because if you can get if you can keep them all mentally a lot of times you can you can stop any physical attacks. Now with that how were you taught to actually close yourself off for how to deflate. These things from from on the attack he mentally. Initially at the younger that I was. It was more of she would do these little exercises like. We even be at church or something and she widget apps account like help about different people different situations and that that I'm mentioned on bang. You know she really in anything other than try. At a young age trust you're cut. Pretty much and it's kind of hard navigating app but. It's just learning to read people reading the world and different things she would capped a. The older I got it obviously became little more detailed and focused which was. Younger. Eric I can tell you I remember it was about six cash or app it. Actually asking a question about. Angel. And I ouster of angels existed. And she said they do in spirit and she it's just that darker ones that we all have to watch out for. Not knowing at that time early which she was meaning but their their particular situation we wrap Utley. Upstate new York and action action complaint. And I had a really adding count with somebody she knew. By looking at means what was going on and we had a big discussion of that coat conflict. Little incentives like that just kind of. Led to a bigger understanding that I got older. And then going for app stroke ahead. Well but with the with that what did you do to close yourself off for to block the sings from from on. Wolf from having to deal with them more having any psychic attacks more mental than him Amendola invasions. She would tell me not that she would ask what the problem lies and the minute that I would tell her it was not a positive experience. Don't think about it and that was greatly at temple at Scott tell me about it. Don't know why. Because and and use some people envision a light around them other people ala. They break down to effort people who invasion wool literally vaginal wall. In other people have different methods to try to keep these things out you know when and when we go to a demonic so called the Monica haunting aren't some sort of a negative entity. It's more just trying to stay in up in a positive Wally yeah. And understanding that these things a lot of times we'll play completed they'll try to turn best friends against one another alone once again asks one another. And you always gotta have 100% trust and faith in the person your wit and honesty be in its beast straight out com. Because that's that's the most important thing because that's what they they really try to test you on this what they they try to break that down increase. Some sort of a disconnect or just anger between UN and whoever others who everywhere. That's that's very true and that kind of where early on it was you know topic about the prayers I mentioned earlier very simple prayer she would teach me. And not so much spotlight issue which she would literally able even got your strength is coming from Scott and all but it's good. And what I got older. It wet and two more eager protected them up and not so much a bubble because pass. I used to get corrected on it was like you'd need to ground yourself and protect yourself. And everything good and got it which it would act which would. Go down into the earth and come back drop and it basically. Stand strong and got light and things of that nature stopped not lake with her work and teaching me about oh Walt it was more. What I'm gonna say the protective bubble. Bike and got what she would take got light and June not to dwell on Blake one of the biggest things that I like to ask questions and and even younger I would want it out different things and it was like now now now ear got flight deck like that now. Similar Erica. Arabs definitely prayers. Jill when are we only have a couple minutes actually before you go to the top of the hour breaks or we're gonna scratch the surface of this topic very manageable pick it up on the other side of the break. But you've done a lot of cold case work I'm assuming you've worked for. Law enforcement agencies and probably some private clients I don't know you have to tell despite. Specifically when it comes of law enforcement. I often wondered because it seems to be a mixed response from agencies whether or not they're willing to use. People would your abilities in north they even believe it what do you what have you found. I've got a lot and on both sides target as well as force some widgets. Institutions. And on force apps. Picked up next act I only do not referral I don't go looking for things purse bag. So any case that I'd done it somebody that referred to me now. There happens situations. That let's take a police agency where. I investigator which referred to meet by somebody hurt my neighbor whatever and LB open minded about it I come from up there with a huge law enforcement background. And now I totally understand app. The air but dairy could packaging situations where they're getting some beef from. Well officers and what not but for the most part everybody's remained open minded so it's kind of like. The way that I approach the situation is I don't ask for information on that and I do like to see picture. I just look at the picture I don't even need inane. And I concentrate on that picture and I can't have a three game rule like what he comes up I don't like it worst. And I just think it from my experiences it's just that. Things naturally develop ago. I get referral. Pretty much a lot of different areas throughout the US. The only problem that I cap purse say as a problem is I learned fairly early on. It was like I murder it was my third cold case. There with a situation where I. Brought in to speak with the family member about. Joan hang hang on 12 to hold old they cased as we got to take the top of the hour break who we come back I wanna I want to get into that story. After the show beyond reality radio Jason pars TV Johnson got a great show going so I did before I bring a guy aspect in let's just. Remind everyone jedi who we've got coming up in the next few shows here because tomorrow yeah tomorrow night's going to be good when with Seth green's love foods in Burma talking with Seth. Well well he's certainly created a bunch independents home small town monsters on this new when he's got his them off in a Point Pleasant. Or me talking to him on that men Monday we've got very strongly he uses the gift to spirit communication by means of a chance of chick channel board. To bring information concerning life and death the reincarnation and humans and animals alien presence and the list goes on and on. And Tuesday we're going to be talking with Tim Schroeder I'm sorry Tom shorter Tom has been an award winning journalist writer and editor for nearly forty years. Sole author of old souls compelling evidence from children who remember past lives. A classic study of the border between science and mysticism. Yes can be great few shows coming up and also before you bring their Jo Marie Moore Sergey aspect you must go to the phone lines we do have. Marianne from buffalo calling in Marion welcome to be armory are you reading agreed to have him the show. Thank you for having me again and that afternoon subjects. Tendencies. Well. Oh cry. Content to the split and I was landing and it usually outward and. It added that current Italian place because here I don't want man upsetting and it went. But how important place voluntarily. And it wouldn't. And beaten beautiful wonderful day out or it added no prop I caught excitement or how much closer or trigger. On on or don't close cycles are going. Can't we come back. Open the door like. Chocolate. And it golden child and I have parish usually turn quiet time and I don't know I have his. It went to turn Iran has so little short black lady Hillary care. Slash am glad killed polite to me. And eternal life and that the Oscar wouldn't totally accurate serve a veteran team that entity and god. Talk a little bit and I count my coworker it's. Couldn't give me her actual name I'll make up a name out spacious and and don't same. Mean I had I taught my coworker that's what happened. Holland you understand. And it worked your ears before me. And they're like Ali you. Didn't. You know they could. Actually did and in the coaching there before you know and she did I. Many years ago. And is now better in the entertainment apps. Okay remember who it is not. Angels. I do believe they're into they're actually try to lingle called Taylor my child Angel or. That's another story OK I am in light to go job better we have missed the glass. Six lax to assist on looks OK it's fine it was like tense and Tommy. And I am trying to find out went back into order we'll let them Allen's. Return to finally back. And it is this. July August shortly rightly or extort claim that it that way and it grants entry it would become in the middle. Actually need couldn't answer to China in the car. So I count my gonna get crashed there so there's an outbreak. Yeah Larry and I try and maybe twenty stories. Anyway. I haven't put years there ever attract. But my hand clothes etc. intensely listening and trying to feel a sense I think. So that pickup or not. Right now I just. Walk into that penny story and it's not gonna for an analysts to bubble gum. Or. So and better on packet. Have to check it occurred at that track. I can't pick a bar and it does he still hold onto it there's the calls. As skinny as I am kind of anti trend probably nine the manner why. So as word of the angels comparing and Mary were the angels command. We've got to get we gotta get going here's your refund and gas. I pray I prayed I totally collapsed when it crashed slightly down at the start really got an epic safely. I do open up but it. The bubble gum wrapper. For a change. Guardian Angel is dragging your every step I will never forget that as long as pilots. Now and well. That's great hey thanks for sharing that with this Marion we appreciate calling we have to what you don't bring our guest back and but that was very interesting story let's go to Jill Jill welcome back to the show started GPS a waiting for so long we are talking about your cold case experienced before he went to break in your in the middle of telling us. One particular instance money just pick up where he left office. You have now a public record tape that I did. Again going to use there's a lot of open minded and that there are some people that are all at the cat. So we're going to hit it and part of that was they want to be neat way. One of the dignity and remembers and it was very powerful for me because when she walked in I actually have to step away former because. To see spirit out. One and can't remember. Rushed me I would say and my reaction appeared to police. And it also upset me terribly that come to find out there was a lot of information that was gleaned from just by the true to speak what may and and spear coming right and quick car. So they're raiding GAAP information and not just at about tan. Long story short one the setbacks. Was in jail on another charge. And I'd describe this person and I'd describe some things I can't really get into you relative to the victim's final moments with this person. Now that can't remember way. Thrilled because. They're thinking OK work and go someplace but that they couldn't find a body they were asking questions of that I could tell the body lies. Other a lot of things going on now. I'm thinking I'm doing that incredible service to detail and the police are happy and they're like okay you didn't know that person than it was in jail but here you know were on the right track now on itself or how about on caused by. And I get a phone call that I need to be extremely careful because the amber. Contacted the person that was and channel and that they had near a psychic working on the case and they were going to find the which caused a host of problems which and from my point of doing that it was never thought. That's one non disclosures and now signed because. Output situation and working on the case. Pat I don't want the information going back to property that the suspect. Nor do the police want information being crossed over by the public was never thought up until that point it was really scary. Well yeah especially seeing that it it opened you up to. Or somebody who doesn't want you to find something in me and that it might reach out to other individuals and tried to. Have you as you as the situation in MR hazard to them. Something happen that is so. Of course you know care for it comes on of that. GAAP and I would say go for cold cases one of the things that I ever have aren't too bad. You know not a glamour bank. At all and you talk about protecting grounding and blocking. Again thanking my grandmother different telling it and needed. When you're on cases it's cold cases even working on part. Situations with church members or not. Where there's like a real seriously negative energy and trying to sorted out. It's unfortunate but in order to really look at what happened you have to do at that psychic medium askew if we try and open up to get an opt in. Information. Went out exposing yourself. To danger. And it's extremely drinking and like after I've worked on one. Usually. It's several months before our league and think about taking another one because there are some very dark exact can come up. Lloyd and and I can totally see what you mean with that express some of the cases we've been sent to whether there were sent there by religious organizations or not hum these cases that we've gone into that we've dealt with such inhuman type entities negative type entities. No matter what is they seem to really take hole I knew and when you leave. When you leave the property I mean I remember we did a case. I got home and turley I slept I had to sleep for early 23 days and it was just it was amazing just because of the hole to it takes on your body. I'm Andy you're constantly on guard gear and your interest and always moving trying to figure things out. Palm but it be to the beach a mentally PG a physically and he really did exhaust you and that's coming from an individual like myself not even going in there. As a as a psychic. And I edit its top. I figure is six and keep it can't answer that can help. And many cases it had. That to me is like my grandmother told me you don't. You do this or read and it's it's God's gift to you and there's a right way to do it wrong way to do it. Meaning reasons to do you know it's kind of like if I can going to safely and help somebody and you know the capital per pound Matt. And that is addiction made. Working app called cases says this whole thing have that element of getting Drury and right now. Consulting abdicate and I'm being very careful. On where things relative to it. It can't get really dark but that's the importance you can't you get home I can get to this thing backpack other people do it you're just wiped out. And it's really super critical and that type what you do it can act. As much as you may want to sleep light can be and I tell people that all the time. Even to investigators echo and that are participating and tactics that are there. You really need natural light you'd need to do you need to be pro active to recover from. Because they don't cap you terribly and accurately to a domino effect what other things so it's really critical you'd do trite to. Countered that. As much as you honestly been I've got myself you have to get out you have to force yourself to be outside in the white and fresh air liner it's really about taking care yourself. Jill what would you say a year success rate is wouldn't get involved with the cold case and in helping provide some information that that ultimately. Resolves the case. As far as an accessory it's pretty high. Let me just. Make note of what the highest the fact that. They have gotten a lot of information on their happened to a rap based on information. All I can say is that. These people. One of which is still a court system. Go your whole process. And what not trial. The other one is. Going to be away for a long time the other one is more style of just getting closure I've been able to. Like I guess I am pleased this where article. Personal belongings or clothing and work yet the. The bodies have not been found but different things out. And messages that have come true have given and the police. Or the agency and a venue to proceed in an area they did not think of so it kind of like even though it may not have resulted. You know. One picks and all. There's a lot of. Positive things that come from and that technical makes me continue to do it like I did. This one that doctor Eric outweighs my pick up consulting and. It was a referral and I kind it would habitat at first but it's just too much authority comes through that I have to say. Our that is what I'm supposed to be doing because already there's talk that come up. That's helping. So. I kept its system to extract it accurately is subjective to. You know how you look at it. Sure well I mean I guess successor be any kind of information again whether it leads to conviction or not. Not necessarily the measure of the success is just have some information becomes helpful are out of helps a Stanley closure in general Brent. How does that change the subject here just a bit and you're great grandfather was a pretty interesting guy went to toss about him. Change is respect it Jean yeah. And James Perkins. As my paternal great grandfather. City. Swear I have some. And me the investigative side anyway and added we're all a lot worse it is and I can't get retired teacher for for near state and we have other law enforcement are and. Pat. Change perk and. I'm assuming very hard working hand worked in. Able he art. And the Boston area and not how this story I'm talking to affair remember last year out that. We're not sure what exactly it was for him to go into the federal government audit that he was working. Iron worker and navy shipyard. And the it changed his life he. Weighs. Very integral part of the machine gun Kelly. Situation and Herschel and Lindbergh kidnapping cases. He traveled all over the place. It's really kind of funny because some of the places I found that I've been dropped Q he's actually that you. Which hindsight he weighs. An investigator through untrue and very. Varied much dedicated to. Mostly pack and that error which was. You know. Al Capone Dillinger. That there are some really interesting story that we have about the machine gun Kelly case that particular. About how he walked into. The restaurant. My second cup and was telling me locked into that restaurant. To make sure to identify that he is in a restaurant. On before they took them down was talking to company had no idea who lives by Heatley. Very much in cot Ito doing it's investigative work and reporting back and you can if you Google fine. Several FBI article on hand and if you adequately agree that our bio that he is. Tracked her intro I do believe that he did have that accent which made it such a good but Eric we. We all habit I think I think Jay Wednesday. Earlier that we turned it off once we went to school school age everything needs to become logical that we don't we line to match. It's really when our when people start telling us adults are telling you when your kid that these things aren't real what's real what's on your visible friend Bobby isn't real. We start we start closing it off and I asked to be honest and has taken your case your grandmother. Honestly. More helping you to it enhances and two. Utilize a learn how to use it was a benefit I think if she go on the other round told you that. And this doesn't relieve these things are real lesson. That doesn't exist that you would've. You might still have the ability but it would've it would have really been closed off just over time you would have forgotten how to use it or. Just you know somehow sort of shot that whole concept down and the ability down and moved on with Joseph and a different path. He had totally capital. I also. Love to give her credit for the fact that I think it earlier out. And the teenage years when you have that curiosity and in others our friends that you know well you know tell me what you think and and it's very quiet. About those things growing up but right around. High school it became known and in which freak people out but she also talent taught me how to balance. And stay away from things that were darker candle ouija board was. I could carry a couple stories that we're just really terrible that she told me about and that I know about personally. And kicked it away from the darker things don't be attracted to. That's sort of tech. You know don't play with tarot card down to dead and people ought not knocking people who do that's their thing. That is just however which race everybody are different. So it's like don't go looking for the Turks dot I'm. You know I just do what I do and I absolutely agree that it was because of her that I think it greatly sharpened my abilities and but it also taught me a lot of right and wrong. And how to rely on. Jets general spirituality and god flight and. Again that's a prayer yet combined with the native American things that she taught me kind of like a hodgepodge. Joseph we have about a manager before you go to break again and I'm an open this subject knowing that we're gonna need to talk about it after the break to. But you done a lot of and research and investigations of notoriously haunted places around other countries small cities in particular. I had. And am making a compilation for my fourth to act out boy. On all of these investigations that I've done and some are well now and not are not that well now and I think what really picture stinks. Our belt lack there of that now. Places like rural upstate new York and Massachusetts. And Florida. North Carolina. Dare. Equally as frightening. Not Morse now. Because there's seems to be and some of these areas. I don't want to say it's an ignorant but it's it's. It's peer coupled with really. No education and how they deal with certain things and the history and that's kind of where I dealt entire column my gut intuition. When I am investigator psychic medium obviously every lap my ability but I. Seemed to have been back for application questioned and finding answers. And that's kind of where we'd be on this journey which like that will eventually be worked book. The cities that are pretty shocking. Well when we come back to the break up to give us a few examples of where you've been and where you've investigated what you learned. It's beyond reality radio our guest is Jill Marie Moore us author of the books too O seven and saints senators and sacred grounds and we'll be right back with more conversation go. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in then you better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short find help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order street from there it couldn't. Be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menu and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality we. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Hard to. Life fighting every sentence was faster than that before. Five cents and I was just saying that cedar creek arsenic in it wearing ninety minutes and impaired it feels like we just started and I aren't they just flies by its faster every time. By the Wear and in the middle some great conversation with our guest Jo Marie Mauresmo is an investigative psychic medium. Joked. You have I don't know who's described you as this but I senior who described as a combination of Lucille Ball more Patricia Adams and Nancy Drew. Would you say that accurate. Yeah as I catch them all Erica yeah payers. That they did. Compares I. Well one of the things I find interesting with that is Lucille Ball from Jamestown new York and and that Jamestown area very close to Lily dale is a very very spiritual area. It is edit their there's a whole field Balkan actually mean when I crack at that that C. Actually shooters like you like this combination and there isn't strange spec I get a pick but I think about. Talking about Lucille Ball that a few weeks ago back edit it I buy it I cap that's an accurate. Analogy. You don't give up with a big Z I know slightly mixed emotions on. Like it here that this is I I find humor every act I am a big. PS percent optic got on the first one cranking out of the time but it. This ballot look at. I think it's really super important you do. The investigative side with a teacher reading books that get that on the ball comedic part of it and that op. Mortician Adams much like La and Nate banks especially and BitTorrent tech like that yet and it's pretty accurate. Have you every such as we can't have you ever personally been able to make it by Jeanne made by legal. I have op. When he asked that because somebody just recently asked many. I ever go on air for readings and I'd air and. Interest gang I think it's definitely interesting back. Find that there are equally if not more interesting place it's one of which it Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Well played. Tapped one of the little town that I investigated task several primary residences and urged to be common denominator. And while looking at it's not just. One issue and one how it's kind of network with people on an election welders and Albert here. And that's all right go into looking at property records and see if there's any common threat and just kind of going by god and just what Peter may send up that message and it its. Interest and there's also. Florida. There's this town south of Eric about it which it called north port. And north port with kind of I try a little bit of an investigation that kind of I didn't go in there are doing attic just kind gentry to channel began networking with people and adapt. Looking into not so much parent normal coast on things as it was there's Oprah your creature. And not to act on weird US Biotech. Situation going on down there. And as strange as it maybe right before I which are ready to leave work on Macs. We have a situation and it if you look at up in the paper I ads. Are as a wise. Literally. Popping crashed. A year house that we were staying at. And it would hurt for two miles. We had to. Admiral people were looking around Nicklaus talked a pack of the broad it was and it right to decide. And that would opt out that was I don't really weird how that whole thing happened. It would create people lady jet force on this thing landing with. So powerful that. Ran out of her house green Bankshares and taking an Apogee our course on tour are turned out it was that. It was app profound loud and relation to protect pops up an interest in wine and hot. Well and that embryo back to lowly Dell I've been altered many times TV's been with me out there Tom I used to speak there every year arm and I stopped I stopped a few years back but. And we speak there on Saturday and a son because they can only fit about 11100 people America they're senator temple so. We go on we speak two days RL because I hit it there in the ticket total sellout on the first day in Sweden and we hated that so we try to steer them for two days. But I do have to say for spiritual community. Spiritual this community arm. It's a really interesting. Feel when you get them there a minute and it's a different world and I can sit there and say that everybody in their bullies or psychic is psychic by any means but I did meet some very interesting people javy and I think UW did as well there and it's. You seem to have a lot of people there who have some serious connections to the other side. But then again you also have some individuals who want to be but just don't seem but it gets real mixture beacon so there's an energy there that doesn't necessarily exist in other places. Aperture. Everything is just as you have so many of them all served with a missile neighborhoods so. It's these anybody ever gets a chance chicken Al Waleed on the north. It is it's it's unique it's definitely very Baikonur is that five. It's cool to migrate around and see that there are these other pockets and other areas too and water holy which saint. Which written op. There's something really interesting. Going on there that I recently. And speaking with people about because for the third book. Which had never product right that I am. I come to find out that through these investigations that I've been doing over the last several years before that count in particular. A lot of crime. And a lot of paranormal activity a specific area probably about a twelve block radius is all occurring on the second floor. It's kind of compiling. These investigations like second floor second or second or second floor and beginning to wonder there's some kind of. Playing at existing. In this one area that is part of the responsibility for it just little things like this backup opted. What I'm doing these investigations overtime. And these town that I like to see. Some type of possible explanation about things that explains everything but it's definitely different wonderfully because it's very obvious there's some things. Second for areas of the ball. Jill we've only got a few minutes left with few I wanna talk about your books a little bit the first one I believe is 207 what's that one about what's in the book and people find netbook. That if I personal story of what happened after my late husband and I moved into this place. All common wonderfully new York and 1988. And. I would find a partner at what we do and we can hear it over your cap. And have a bad feeling from the dark and strange thing happens we get. Locks or sure it's his personality terms. Almost immediately. As we noticed things but it is a global oil if you want to affect. So what happened to conduct following GM and there was this sequence of events that I laughed and. And kept McDonnell went with my other hand in June that year he. Came over for visitation which my mama supervising it and it was really really bad how his personality and behavior had changed. And he literally. Help Mike and I at gunpoint at a twelve gauge shotgun. And try to shoot out and I'm op saint. And it's kind of goes into. It was two weeks after he'd path that. I have always had a feeling talk about the paranormal experiences that we went to house his behaviors. A bunch of very personal thing it was brutally honest written just that the catharsis. And what we found out after the fact which was. In pretty much validated what I was saying that somebody had died. In this apartment and manner by suicide he went back and others say aspect he went back to you to have any shot until now that I. And house. But I am had done a thing tech thirty years before which can be opened up a camp reforms. And I later found out. Rick the investigation I did for three years after two of the electorate. Fourteen people are excited the information and saying. Died in that house three of which were suicides. On their names are aired their date of death or there from obituaries on minor. Two of the bad diet of self inflicted gunshot on himself. And arrest worker. Unexpected or their work coupled network. Cancer. Cap related to cancer but at least fourteen GAAP and how between 1940 to 1992. Most of. My room. Well and then your second book saints senators and sacred ground what's that one about. About the history of the house that I went. Went back to and have all these readings. Investigated history of. Not just the house that we entered his personal experience and but the city or verbally itself and there are art mayors. Historical. Events that have taken place great and the vicinity of the house. There was an Indian massacre. It is a sacred ground from a car goes fault that stretches all the right way to port Schuyler is a document. Native Americans thicker ground. Just happened was smack dab in the middle of it it was a massacre. Several hundred native Americans were killed and not buried properly the dot content tail on the indigenous. Eric indigenous tribes gave me a lot of information and helped me on that part of it. He to me his belief is that part of the reason why there's a high suicide rate in. Continued decline. In this city is because of the rest of the native American spirit that that. There's so much status transpired just since 2015. Can now that that is what. Prompted me that history captaincy and arsenic or ground sank to its speed. Religious aspect of this city and some of the tenets that went into us up and as well as this Paterson during the can now period when they were building a canal there were a lot of things going on there. A lot of murders. They couldn't keep Albany capitol police couldn't even stay in the city of work at the murder it was so I. And and the kicker grounded the fact that it's a huge impact but. I started having experiences and 2015. Which prompted. Right that there are start writing a third. OK Joseph were out of time unfortunately. We've got your books linked on our website beyond reality radios or any other place that the folks can go get a ten seconds. On on our web site they can find links to the books and there's some PDF files and pictures like pat thank. Thank you so much appreciate it. Great thank you very much Jill remorseful break right after the. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 for the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see if there. RRR two songs can be Johnson and it is a special time of the night whenever we get to go to the phone lines and bring this next caller and we're very happy about it as is. The chat room this is the amazing funky welcome show hockey. Jason TP camera here yeah we got you. I tell me we're good I've got a cold but I than that I think I'm doing all right well pulse and he wouldn't he went. I was hoping you'd be would have some suggestions from the united you know can be sitting and now. The so you said you had a special. This series of predictions that that came view. Recently you wanted to share them with us I you know. And a lot of people listen tampax attorney Phil and this whole ground hunkered day and where he predicts these to these winters and that. I figured that people with Kelly wanna hear from somebody like me CNET and this parking groundhog saw only right 47% of 100% of the time I'm right 99%. No today so what I like it was Atlanta makes applications out there. For people to know a lot of people are preferred here predictions from me and some strange hybrid talking groundhog. A funky you know that Punxsutawney Phil doesn't actually talk very he'd just sees his shadow and others comment on. Well I understand he only CC Shannon McKinney tells everybody about. Patent how old he predicts if we do is going to be here and a cell. He really each apparently collapsed in used to pay attention unlikely and so then are you hoping to be known as the groundhog psychic. I'm I don't mind being known as the ground hogs I think as long as they can play in the eating before actor says he meeting ground mount saint Jake I'm he. Crown not psychic amazing he or it will what what with the predictions so afraid protectionist. We will. Again I say we will as human beings. At least ten more years. Of winter. Sort of ten winners of Richard consecutive winter over ten years. Street every year we're still gonna. And we care that's just 00 what you're saying is that every year we will have it would touch. That's correct sneak for at least ten years for ten years that the world will be here or at least ten. Here's literally wouldn't have been an easier just to see the world would be here for ten years. McCain's calculus fair that's fair okay anything is there anything more to that those predictions yes with that. You will have ten more years of sun. Well when they aren't so these. Ten years but you're talking about or heavy winter and a summer like usual your pet's stress but now here's the really confusing part. We only have eight more years of spring. Only eight years of spring comes there orca debts so that ten years of winner take your December but only eight years of spring. Yes and steam he can hang yourself off. Okay how does an amazing workout I don't know personally he's come to me that's how I can say what do we do we know what's gonna fill that void. Is there any explanation. Haven't screamed and much chance can't sell just plain blank and obscene. Email that they think these cats and my years have fun kinds of making snow angels. With him on his connect catalysts are awesome is that what you do for lucky with your room in the back period. Yes so maybe it's an. Techniques don't angels and during the summer the weak plane pulled. Holland the pool that's that's sweet well I guess that's encouraging news I can't be upset with you for bringing that to us Katie thank you Hannah. Vision. I don't eat yourself you will be clear at ankles. Deb you're saying that and about a week it won't have this cold anymore in this summer with. And we cute maybe three weeks the cold will be gone home loans are cold usually last it you've got no medical trading break. Two song to song came to you. That's for. Well that's that's terrific and it's always a pleasure having on the show talking Jason in your head coach is always an honor hearing a man so this could talk with thinking thank you and appreciate the tennis has so much respect my abilities and I always look forward to calling him making her ranking scale. Well you do and it's always a pleasure having you on the show and now will be calling you the groundhog psyche that the amazing groundhog psychic funky. Yes there will be that that vote on. I love it when (%expletive) he calls and Aminu is get some relief interest in sight. As to what's going or answer I'm still lost ten years of winter ten years summer I would plus why anybody wouldn't mortgage known as the ground hogs psychic. It could be years. Rees brings the whole thing is his control he. Are we don't have a few minutes left let's quickly go to our phone mine the spring and Christie from California Christy welcome to beyond reality radio. I hate her eighteen feet. Hello current I welcome to show. Their. No she's she's not with us we've we've let her go but you can ask the question midweek or some of them Chapman the only answer for it. I don't attack great book and public outpouring of her own. Expand their psyche comedians how'd they do they go to a clean routine. These intercepts they give that they normally hot out panel that was called cases sent the. Like she was so she was saying that the she doesn't our approach the police departments or anything cheap which allows them to approach her which I think is good because you do get. Some of those people Alter who who claim that they wanna help that there are approaching the police department strained to help with the cases and next you know there are also calling in newspapers about them helping to cases so but it's always good to see the ones that may sit back and they wait and let the and there are those people come to them and request their help instead of try to throw themselves in to the Max. Yeah and I think the answer your question is that it's bolts they did you I know some that will actually go to the site and you know limo whether it's a crime scene you know whatever and try to get. Sense of what happened on location and and some do it and by other means they have devices whether it's some type of charm they used to help them. Connect and they just do it from home and I've heard of successes in both ways. They establish my question you guys answer that great. Home thank you very much of Renault and PS thanks for your call we yeah we appreciate it we've got a couple minutes left we gotta talk about what's coming up the next few nights in doing so coming he's actually set breedlove tomorrow manager. There we're going to be talking with Seth about his new independent film the mall mental Point Pleasant. And then next week we have some great shows we have Barry Strom. Coming on Monday he's the gift to spear communication by means of channeling board to bring information concerning life and death reincarnation. In humans and animals alien presence on earth and many more related subjects. And then Tuesday you've got Tom shorter Tom Schroeder has been an award winning journalist writer and editor for nearly forty years. Sole author of old souls compelling evidence from children who remember past lives. A classic study of the border. Between science and mysticism. So a lot of interesting things and a big shadow goes out to Jill Marie Morrissey guess can check her information out he go to a B on reality radio dot com just click on. Guest. Her books and stuff will be listed there so thanks everybody for tuning in tonight me she tune in tomorrow another great show until then Stacey if it's Jason JGB unreality real. It's. Just fine at least PH US ruling and saying look it's me on really reading your own burning if you. Information you want us to follow along or anyone to be in Gaston beyond reality really email to sling any. Let's swinging any EDD wine and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.