Go Away Charlie / 5.16.17

Tuesday, May 16th

"We had no money, no credit cards - just one makeup bag between the two of us..."


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This is kind of a ghost story but it starts out with a horror story that doesn't include ghosts and this was the situation. And that's been Jocelyn and I was stuck in hotel room with two guys we didn't know all that well it'd been a Sadie Hawkins formal. And we just ask guys that we sort of noon. That or cute. In it was a bad hit. We are at what we had been told by the guys was an after formal part April which turned out to be a clumsily orchestrated attempt. It's some sort of slimy seduction by these previous two guys who apparently in their names by the way we're JP and Todd. We Justin and I were very agitated but luckily we were sober and the guys were trashed in getting Marcel on warm cans of quarries. No doubt liberated from one of their dad's garage it's. One other thing was that the boys had an additional super sexy surprise forests. They had brought dirty movies to watch on the VCR in the hotel room. It's who didn't. More modified. Mattel really. We want to go home now we announced the boys got pissed off and shouted at first they had rented these stupid taxes they had paid for dinner. They had waited his way to force for hours outside after they got thrown out of the dance for fighting. And we want them to drive drunk is how we are saying. I grabbed also by the arm holder out the door. Because I just forgot that she started throwing things and then she started crying. And she'd already cried several times that ninety to her ex boyfriend coming to the dance with another girl. And it was time to stop the crime we went down to the lobby and sat in a row and squishy brown cracked vinyl chairs by the entrance window and review your options. So we couldn't get the driver of the guys are trying to sound. We couldn't caller parents because then we would get a massive trouble for lying and coming to a hotel. It's insane night at one another's houses like we told them especially Jocelyn who stand with the former military guys and would ground her till the end time couldn't call a taxi because we had no money. No credit cards just one make up bag between us. We tried to think it ever when we knew that we could call to pick this up but everyone we knew with the car would still be out at their own after former parties or fit curfews they'd be home already. And that that they also would have parents that would not take kindly to calls from friends this late and also there was no way they'd be able to break curfew to pick it up on hotel the it town. Couldn't walk home because it was about fifteen miles and first across a free way to get home and we were in our high heels and formal dresses. OK I said we gotta go to the room and we'll tell the guys they have to sleep on one bad and mostly from the other. They won't do it the Jocelyn became. Maybe it's that on the Florida. It sucks so bad I said totally agreed Jocelyn at this point in middle aged guy. Was square no frame glasses. Mug sideburns came to the lobby and went behind the check in desk. You girls looked nice he said it amicably Jocelyn leaned in close to me he she thanks for hookers she said. Wearing strapless dresses and hotel lobby at 1 in the morning with no room case. As a theatre heard at the side during guys senate. You girls just go to the dance over there at the high school then. Yeah we said. I don't know why oh shaken. He wondered summoned idiot scare. Sort of sit Jocelyn RC knotted sideburns. Ya must be stand on the fifth floor. Now as it happened time and JP's sex man loved and wasn't back on the floor Jocelyn and I looked into how did you know that passed. Well you don't need to worry the conference whatever you saw or heard people seeing here things up there on the fifth floor all the time it's just so Charlie you ever heard anybody. Who's Charlie Wi guest. Charlie should sideburns. Well now he was a guy who worked here. All I don't know man how many years ago one of the times they were remodeling the place it was a workers from companies you know like today. Most of the guys they hired used to work in the mines and after so many of those got shut down they travel town to town and big packs in up to get a job just like that when you know that would last long line. Hotel or not it was perfect of the course they could to stay in the rooms while they were working. They work from the bottom up and started opening the bottom floors when they were done so toward the end most the workers are on the fifth floor which was the top floor at the time. Yeah us. I heard continued sideburns was another elevators were wired yet so the guys with lower drop everything's down the elevator shaft instead of carrying him. Up and down the stairs and then one night some of the guys was drunk or board or whatnot and they dropped the mattress sofa bed down the shaft and then they jumped down on it from level one level to and so on. Level four was as high as they could jump as the elevator car Reno was suspended there on the fifth floor. So tell John Campbell he didn't know was that some other guys it activated the elevator and were sending it down to the bottom floor with as many cases the dry cement as they can load on. Charlie couldn't open negated the bottom because the mattress is curled up and wedged on EC. Call I said. It's socks for Charlie said Jocelyn parents that's not a sideburns the new elevator now you realize that some of the staff won't while writing just the thing. One of the ladies and house given bless her she pushes the whole cleaning cart up and down the stairs every single day rather and riding that elevator. And she'll clean up there on the fifth floor but she called herself execute this thing before she goes in and out of Bieber room and every so often joke come flying down the stairs screaming because she saw Charlie. Have you ever seen in my asked. Well yes I believe that I have a house at sun burns a lot of times if your on the fifth Lauren you push that elevator to come up. When the door open so I stated they're ready to get off. You can't be looked in direct. Cleared the doors as they open now. What house. All you know the usual stuff windows slamming shut elevator coming up we know once pushed the button water and lights coming on people hears screams it doesn't happen that often and a scary he said. A tad late sideburns. Jocelyn and I were clinging to each of these forms. So looks at drivers if you're nervous or you hear something greasy something you just go like this you go shot Charlie all firm like that and he'll leave he'll. He folded his arms and smiles and smiled. Kentucky you can listen Jocelyn we stood up past the elevator and headed up the five flights of stairs. When we got to our relief on the door locked for Jocelyn had. Snagged the key before we beat it out of there so we ease the door open encrypt and Todd was sprawled out half under the covers on one that JP on the other that both in their white talks shirts pants and socks they are both. Pass up COLT. OK to just on his that we do we stripping down to their underwear and we take pictures her play I agree. But we started screaming with little grossed out giggles every time we got near any portion of them or their clothes and close we realized we have a camera anyway. Good old days. We were on a plan to searching for the Town Car keys when suddenly Jocelyn side stood bolt upright again and god with. Put Koch thank you see that easyJet what what I asked. The doorknob just turn she said sort of got us into the so they've weathered the doorknob to slowly turned a little. Would. I said you're the guy city had to sit firmly Jocelyn. Hey I sent coping adorned with down hole no use the Jocelyn appreciation do and I said. You'll cook really. Russell said and we started laughing and having scared shippers and having close to peeing feelings. We can't doorknob watch for about two hours. Nothing happened. And is now very very later very early in the ghost must've been asleep and we realize you're so tired. In wanna do anything that lie down and try to sleeper cells but first the jostling one of these guys is going on the floor. To determine which one was more passed out we pinched them really hard on the arm and then other places. JP kind of granted and moved his arm Wiener jerky motion the continent of I didn't make it sound Todd was way way out. Todd we said here you go on to mr. floor he was in fact to firmly planted onto the mattress to biology pushing. So Jocelyn got the idea we would lift up the entire mattress from the far side and he would go rolling off onto the floor which is just what happened he needed wake of that. Just cannot put on the two bathroom white ropes and crawl into them they can bed. This was the stupidest formally opened her continue she said it agreed SS tonight. Tonight she's an arrangement peppers and we keep your feet around as can Todd had twisted sheets all look and then we both put out a scream at the exact same time. For the brush with the unforeseen and most terrific in his both ala wants. We hit what some pair psychologists or spirit Connors Mike called a cold spot. Sort of little potted peed the bed and good. Quite a few hotels in the Pacific northwest claimed to have resident ghosts are weird unexplained goings on. Jefferson Davis the author has written a series of books and updated books called ghosts of organ in Washington talking nineties. People over the years have felt breezes and Holler footsteps are whispering voices. But at the heat and in the rooms and in an old tree from threw three to 1003. Are apparently the most taunted the ball in particular. The most most rooms said factory. For years guests would complain about things being moved around the room and they left and came back. Or something would be obviously out of place when they first came like maybe a half glass full of water and glass half full of water. Sitting on a bench a table or chair just in the middle of the room. Initially this was blamed on the staff but those were there for a long time noticed that it was the same room getting sort of complaints over and over. And when they installed electronic clocks that register how many times the doors open or closed. Hotel personality you determine that each time there's been a complaint no one else has ever entered through. He then of course is on south was probably downtown and if you go to spend the night in wait for ghosts. Take the stairs just in case and for crying out loud go to the bathroom before you go to bed for spirits are not the only thing that linger in sheets and some fear into the market. This is who look 1990. For seven Portland salt.