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Friday, September 14th


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It. Well. It's weird walking assays that are walk outs on. We thought this is going to be very balloon tying his tea. Thank you because of Brad thanks buddy for seven. For the support and and mark Hamilton attic for seven. It goes that's a long way. So you really appreciate that straight to be back in Portland. Guys dreaded. This hasta lovely cut. He's pretty. A. It's. I this hostility to kind of put it. You know strengths and and. Now suing him. Yeah that's you know. It is today. I miss my keyword comes in it and but anyway. Is that he talked. I'm so happy. I know that I'm talking about tickets now it is. I'm really sick of Turkey sandwich is just another day practices just how it turns. And that is all evens out anything now. Think you're doing that yeah. Songs call eight kids. I. Yeah. He. I. It sounds. That's the this case. That team. It's beautiful here. That take off my practice. Feel it hits it's over. Christians to live in. That have been lost in weeks. So we'll call it and an opportunist and yeah we're no. Totally. He's. They donate it to illustrate why a young child. We don't talk to them is booties. This morning's news. Until about this morning. I'll try to do had a great times when it. So what's up. I don't. In what some. Guys but. Guys thank you so much for coming out tonight today. Exceeded our expectations what a beautiful place to have it thanks the club. Again thanks about a 47. We have coming back for our own headline run made when he did. The. That's good. I hear that vessels incredible. Those beautiful in the country. The courts. So thanks again and I'm of course seven. We'll see you hopefully tonight and have not gonna make it makes funny bit. Doug Collins and.