Hey-dew's House / 8.11.17

Friday, August 11th

"Once I saw him eat a bowl of Bacos... like it was cereal!"


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The reason I can move from Iowa to Denver was in my dad got a job with his acquaintance of an acquaintance with a big deal western art artists. His name was Clark Powell only that the pseudonym and I actually over the years I have seen his pains. Here in Portland. You possibly have to Clark made. Thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands per paying for doing basically the same. Exact. Misty Indian head in profile. Over and over and over again with slight variations in size color and background. He gave the hugely different titles like sparrow at dusk or moon serenade Iraq but it didn't Alter the fact that he was drawing the eggs tax picture. Over and over and over which I think plainly even at age nine which is when I met clerk. I'm not add it aged nine SN a Wallace helping Clark with the construction of a new studio after which you stay on as an artist in residence. And the two of them would paint the days merrily away and make or so much money in all would be sweet a few other painters who were also adept construction. Moved to Denver at the same time for the same reason. And it turned out after a year and a half of studio building. The slightest intention of sharing this workspace. And just hired the hapless including my dad bunch because they worked cheaper than licensed construction workers Aniston is the last carpet app was nailed. He looked up from Indian profile 3030. Autumn sunset comes the mound and said thanks for building a studio. Well and that's why we need to move in swimming that's where the dead now not as a result of misled through an artist revenge but. Due in part of the fact that Clark ate food that transcended. Or rather the act transcendent to every day after beating it was like the whale shark has to keep moving through the water or it will die. Clark was never not eating before we all found out he was an able trickster. My little brother and I used to go with my dad most weekends to the studio in progress to play and to watch the Jerry Lewis Sunday movies and Clark little piece in the lot. But Jerry Lewis could not compare watching Clarke himself he was our first entertainment entertainment choice until such time as stat would Holler at it's not by a car he was working. Clark looked. A lot like wolfman Jack only way. Baker and he were those classes that changed to sunglasses outsider a little bit dark even in sight he drank a case at least a Diet Coke everyday. Usually all Marc indicates what saw him meet a bowl of bacon ups. A bowl of bacon looks like it was series. What did you see Clark eat with a much beloved. Point of conversation between my brother and I he claims he saw Clark once stick a polish sausage to the middle of the cream filled maple log jumped on top. I believe it. It's just had on Monday with dad would say privately but to us wasn't sad and see what was that was that Clark had a daughter two years younger than me named Heather. Who I was expected to entertainment and basically play with whenever she came to the daddy daddy at work which was more often than not a polite. Clark had been married many many times before and had a lot of grown kids. And Heather was his latest youngest and I never known human being more spoiled the four cents. Before I saw. The Charlie talk a factor in movie that had read the book I pictured broke assault to look exactly. Like Heather pal. Clark for some reason lost all ability to pronounced letters T Eller art when speaking with Heather. Forcing him to use such phrases as how he studies we do hand you this have you once in pecos. How about some of the maple one issue scream he would give pretend dollars. It was disconcerting to scene here 350 plus pound man in shades of paint Oliver I'm talking this way. So I would have to play with had to let the studio to her mom came to pick her up I think play. But mostly it would consistent be sitting quietly. While Heather April Lowe's and K cap and caramel and recited a list of all new toy issue got that we pursued by do you have. The jets. Do you have like right I got three like bright. RV I narrow escape RB Chester every shark cake I got all the servers Turkic. She's also fond of singing jingle. For what for candy she happen to be eating as she was eating it. I was right in the middle of the care on Melo a I found gold DM told her surprise skipper I paddled her surprise skipper. So. Having no concept that his daughter was anything but a delightful angels rate from have been Clark figured I must think and it was the best. And I still must be dying to come stay the night at their house he had my dad asked me and I think my reaction was something along lines of no no known now this was the boss's kid and my dad and already told him I would be delighted and there's no getting around I would be spending the night at the Powell house when I want to know. But parents drove me over and stepped on talking to Clark in his past cavern to stand for a lot. Had you like you know take a widow went on it would allow under house market Clark passed. How can she even tell what he's seen how wondered I shot my parents. Half pleading half glare. For setting me up the river and followed Heather's pink sweatpants bottom but town hall. The perfectly identical Indian paint had been very good to Clark if I didn't already mentioned the powerhouse was massively enormous all on one level. The house had these corridors branching off in all directions kind of like a huge spider with extra legs. And as the last child still at home. All of the rooms all the other kids who'd grown up and moved out. Were converted into additional rooms for Heather. There was Heather's main bedroom. With its own bathroom which was all pink and had a separate bathtub and shower and toilet its own separate little club that he room it blew my mind it was all little girl sites to. It was Heather sleep over room. Myself was dropped off Heather's Barbie doll room Heather stuff animal room with jungle motif Heather Graham Henderson his current headers TV and video gamer and keep in mind this was like. 1980s to the video games are pretty much pond but he didn't make it any of the stamina. So actually went there I could see and Heather or not was incidental for the first few hours this was like some incredible fantasy land. If I I could go from room to room and play for great long periods of time before Heather could even find me. So I suppose I did this once too often absorbed in some book and Heather's personal library room. I felt follow once a plush rhino whiz by my head and narrowly missed. I turned around to see Heather faced red and twisted in rage checking stuffed animals at me one after another. You can't read you agree when I say it's time to read and reading his stupid. Home but deeper pony. And then she turned around and stormed out on the moon McCain and I thought and went back to reading. So after who knows how long I finish whatever it was and what to leave the door knob would not turn. Heather could lock me in from the outside which is a cruel featured add to a child through. But maybe not surprised at first I was not overly worried. Has been locked in a room was preferable to having to hang out with Heather and there were dozens and dozens of books but after a half hours of capture. It occurred to me there was no bathroom access and also it felt like it was getting late and also I hadn't had anything to eat. Right and Q I hurt Heather's voice emanating from the walls with terrifying clarity. I could send Heidi Mac and cheese and others voice declared sounding strange and Tinny really loud. And you can't hurt me. I looked around for the source of the voice and so speaker on the wall for the locked door intercom system going through the house wonderfully high tech an exotic. In my mind probably necessary if house was so huge. I pushed a button and said testing a low pets and that others voice through the speaker. I heard a voice muttering in the background and Heather suppressing the talk Biden said clue about it the speaker went quiet. More minutes past the thought of Mac and cheese and it all being eaten without me became all consuming in my brain is Syria was sucking more and more. The speaker crackled again in another voice came through saint somebody there well. It was a male voice older cannot understand. Me I said pressing the button. Attract. It turned out that. The voice was Heather older brother Kyle. Could come home it was actually sort of their baby sit us as Doug Clark had taken off for whatever reason I described it the room I was in. And Kyle came to unlock the door and rescue me. Are you hungry I figure asked. Yes it's that close to tears OK is it coming in the kitchen at around that corner and down the hall and then take a right at the moose had to go to on the other hall and then take right go down that hall. I've kind Heather and find the words perhaps some mark he disappeared as I sent off in the other direction advocates. He kitchen was amazing of course it was huge. In all red brick and stainless steel with a fireplace. And black and other diners sound Booth and the law and waited for code of conduct which eventually did growing as a you need to not ever pay any attention Heather said he says she's completely crazy if you go to school together. Now I said my dad works for your dad. Oh said Kyle's a year probably force the comma. He opened up the refrigerator which was when those fancy he treated George hobbies well he says Heather eight dollar Mac and cheese. Actually have an email the pizza too with who got in here. As he was searching there was a noise outside the swinging saloon style kitchen Doris a noise which sounded like a grunting when three buffalo. Said Kyle coming out of the fridge her highness the spying on us. He swung open the doors there with Heather crouching down with what appeared to be a football helmet on her head in a fully loaded her dark on. Go bacterium Heather quit trying to starving bully your guests Kyle that you're being bad hostess. Posted a bad screamed Heather she's not your friend you feeder. Dad put me in charge can do I want to Kyle and locking in the pantry if you don't change your attitude. Heather steered Kyle was silent their eyes began to bug out and he's got redder and redder as she lifted the dark and towards the size. Oh my god I thought it's families and saying they're gonna kill each other and I'm going to be witness and also caught in the middle and also killed hoped help would win. At least and I get sent. Heather continued poignant dark and between Kyle sides don't do would Heather he warned they're fired Kyle. Talked a dart is Hanson picked up Heather in the other hand it once with Terrell motion. Now you're torn in the picture he declared. Had agreed to this announcement with screens. Like Marty grind belly of the damned she hit her rather Kyle over the head with the gun itself which was not made of softener the hard plastic. He put her down to open the pantry door try to hold onto just termed as she was slippery and twisted away and dashed out the doors and down the hall. I was freaking out sure she was off to stock up them or deadly weapons and then come back for. Undergoes a cow she's is gonna show herself in the room in an hour shall for honorable thing she does this all the time doing a real cheese sandwiched. The truth what I wanted to grilled cheese sandwich more than anything else in the whole world write that. While Kyle was making one and one for himself the kitchen speaker box crackled and clicked on. It was of course Heather calling from one of her rooms. At first only crying came across in crime broken up. By pronouncements of hatred I distinctly remember the phrases I hate you I hate you you you big fat you. And I'm telling you better not be eating. Kyle pushed the talk buttons that Heather notice listening to you you don't crying eaten at sandwich if you want. I. Answered Heather. Then she just kept the talk button on and kept screaming remarks beginning and ending with phrases like poop head at us while Kyle and I sat at the kitchen table any girl cheese. They were without question the most delicious sandwich is I had ever takes it in my life the glory of the not lessened but the soundtrack of screamed curses coming from the wall. When we finish komen has two more. As we were eating those steady Clark came home and walked into the kitchen. What's going on with other via its grabbing slices of cheese in the countering indicate in the Wailing Wall Kyle explained the story. Clark thought Herman sign. Did you try locking her in the pantry yes she got away dance that Kyle Clark pushed the intercom hey do we said it's daddy. Don't make daddy put pen to independently. The recital from the current Clark turned back around that should do it he said happily get together and I'll take you all up for banana splits. And that's what I did when I got to others from she was happily sitting on the floor playing with about one million dollars and seem to have no memory of anything having happened. It was the trickiest night of my life as far. Heather has two banana splits and Clark had four and I had won all the apps that it was not as delicious as the grilled cheese. Back at the insanity house in time for that Heather came out of her bathroom in the sleep over room wearing hot and the Janice with purple polka dots. Yup to sleep unselfish that because I'm going to Pete event. And into the sleepover bench decline. I'm never coming over here again I thought it's not asleep he never again. I did however have many. Many grilled cheese and just after that night though the absence of fear and confusion and rather business and people getting. Locked in rooms are threatened to be locked in rooms have nearly always may the sandwich is less perfectly satisfying than that 1 evening one place comes close to making. The perfect perfect one. And probably in the light of day it's actually much better it's named conveniently enough. Grilled cheese grill it's been around for a long time it's on 1027 northeast Alberta and here's their remain and you kindergarten here which is grilled cheese you know it's his crew chiefs she's bred to chew chiefs. The preschooler which is akin to garner but the crests are cut off. And the first greater which is one slice the white one of wheat cheddar and American cheese and one sandwiched. And there's a million add ons that you can choose as well tomato potato chips pickles grilled onions mushrooms are cracked Apple's. Grilled how looking those days a test on a Condo Friday extra cheese ham Turkey salami. Or why not make it a double Decker. Another advantage is going to scroll lock you in the bathroom and you have to spend the night next any of the proprietors. If they PP they're spoiled rotten PT Pathmark for establishment this is your locally to indicate a 90% important alternate.