How did you write Feel It Still? ::: Portugal. The Man

Thursday, March 2nd

John and Zach from Portugal. The Man talk with Greg while they premiere their latest song Feel It Still live on Alternative Mornings. 

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Seven MM. I'm Greg here with mr. does get the can't wrestler that's not out of the ordinary however we do you have some special guests in the studio this morning joined by. John insects from Portugal the man good morning. Yeah rather. I'm not these guys are so pro and they showed up early I mean this is really good stoic and it's still early for last nicer than that. Well yeah we've been out talking about it for awhile they're here to. Premiere world premiere of their brand new single. But first as a few years now since the release of the last album what's on what's been going on. We've been working working and writing Anton and it's been it's it's been awhile I think we just almost four years and we have this crazy that's very crazy for us please head to. Is it too many good ideas and am fed. It seems like we begins in the studio like we think we did you listen and getting so deep insert. Oh this is Friday Nissan today it's them to warm up and it became everytime ruins the CDO we've bred in new songs warmup. I don't know be the favorite son. Well I was I was wondering about that like. It's like guys you're working on a term paper like how do you know when I mean obviously there's a deadline and you're like oh isn't ready to turn and Eric can you give us just one more week. Her yeah we can see where we don't know about them last. We knew we would pass a law is flying ace is you know it's with whatever is fresh for us the last thing we did is usually our favorite. Asked why if things kind of come out of nowhere always. We will we wrap an album it's always a last minute down the wire were finishing out things last man the last thing we do is use their favorite. Well is is the work on the total album complete now. In the Allen's own all done it took us just picking ten songs and sing like that's the record this redirected let's go and finish it. This is it any idea when not the record will be released as their release date yet. I'm not share right now I think we're gonna put out this the single and and kind of take it to you from that okay well lump. You guys are gonna be playing again soon we'll talk about that after we hear the song that let's talk a little bit about this world premiere there were about to do the name of the song is. Feel it still. And if there's only a little bit about the track. Well. Interestingly enough when I said that the last thing we did as I was our favorite this is also the first lyrics that we wrote. After her evil friends after our last release. We randomly. Ended up through mutual friend's hand with Mike Dee of The Beastie Boys. In New York City and went to their studio which is happy you know crazy thing that's pretty much how John and I became friends was over The Beastie Boys. About query kids and them do is it was an amazing experience and we we're in there were on tour and a day off. And I hate to say an amnesty it is that he's gonna make he's like me some music or sometime now and is it's your day out you wanna do that sick and that's cool man we've been scuttled what we do and I turn up obviously that it's gone through several different things and came back last minute and math in a side session honestly we're out. We're working on the silence in the studio in LA. And two are kind of started displaying this baseline and then Ahmanson locals and a friend that was in there as well and kind of separate side studio just not even. Doing what where does the general need the usual does not focusing focusing on anything but what we're supposed to be focusing on we're doing now confident that we're gonna for us. M pretty sure I decided we're actually working in in the studio. Isn't even on the record now. And this is just think ended the day and a 45 minutes just playing on this works out that late as in the event there's always the best songs for me to stay organic. Oh fantastic show we do it. Still this was did they heard it here first it's right. Spring any of from Portugal to man it's called. He has felt. And there it is the world premiere of the brand new and from Portugal demand that is called Felix still in the Kaiser here. Two to bring that to us thank you so much for that. No problem in the game delivered plan now plain lies in the gonna be on the edge field July 22. Tickets are on sale through. You guys are also going to be doing a private session for 97 listeners we know when that is that we can't reveal that yet. If you guys wanna be privy to that. You can text join to form fourth sixty formal text is sometimes intellect you know how to catch a private performance from Portugal demand not. Once again new album in the works thirds completed its done and will be out sometime this year here. Fantastic once again that takes joined the fourth or 64. And you can go and catch a private performance from Portugal the man thanks guys for coming in so early thanks rounds around.