The Loneliest Mosher / 6.14.17

Wednesday, June 14th

An ode to the single slam dancer


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This is more of a poem then story don't change. This is Williamson back and there's a great old song by the Dayton tuchman. That is they did actual title of the song is in the content but people not better and he'll dance anything. At this of his non Maine and I seemed like the song is that even though this is Depeche Mode and book of love we can prove. I'm just really doesn't really it doesn't tip spoke of love necessarily is on the emperor of the song is he'll answer anything by the commune arts guild has anything my book of love him events anything but the Smith's illness anything by Depeche Mode. A public image limited naked truth. You'll have saving by any bunch of stupid Europeans come over here with their big charities intent on taking our money instead of giving your Kasra Delonte decent American artists like myself. So and that was of course referring to a specific group of people but if you grow up in the nineties and he went to a lot of shows. You'll remember the phenomenon known. As the mosh pit it was very big it was very popular. But unfortunately. The desire to mosh held on in some people longer. Then the phenomenon known as the mosh pit. Continued. So you'd see people at different shows and they had to let that part of their past go so they would desperately intensely try. Two to create. My situation when they were the and it was always a guy it was a prostitute. When they were the only two participating or maybe there would be to move comes to the saddest thing is when there was only one. And so that kind of makes today you'll mosh to anything situation I remember there was one of the final shows that ever played. Pine street theater. Was murder city doubles and they were on joined buying. Group company Tron scared of Chaka and the Selby tigers. And their. There was at that show this one guy. And he was desperately wanting to an armed celebrate one of the last shows ever pine street by starting the big painted just didn't happen sir row upon form. This is called ode to the lonely as much or it could be you must anything trends may come and trends may go when it comes to waste dance. Twisting faster waltzing slowed to Disco hip hop funk or trance but on the floor. With live band movement has no fancy steps by gosh and athletic type of groove thing. Jumping slammed shone known as mosh. How did this game began you ask well when the music pounds that Latin beat his past this are tasked to follow the movements of the crowd and leave the body pushing fall. She'll back up by someone's hand not to be mean for help that's all lifted. Moving the tee Steve and he might get Bruce's lose the contact. Hair shirt or scar tissue. Saddest thing evolved jackets when no one wants to mosh that you. You're on fire you are raised fist shows that you would be nice little player ridding Iraq don't care who knows it as evidenced by your shouts of slayer. So I dig yourself a pogo swing elbows bouncer had a little circle forms around you but not to cheer they want to. From aways away perspective concede the crown choose what to do it's a decision that's collective. Not decided to spite you. You use screens alone marchers claiming beer that you cup slow it down their Johnny Rotten that's just pound checked into Nina. Even your buddies are embarrassed as he crashed and found that will he doesn't qualify as mosh pit when everyone else the standings now. Who knows in your head what pots are slosh and what philosophy fuels your slam. What is the sound of one man moshing perhaps Hamas therefore I am while up on stage mellow out those are the annoyed lead singer is her dish out. Does this dissuade you different drum each user no way do you famous he singled you out. Slam into the grandma temples Grand Slam into the skinny on mild and meek hey they should watch it like field sand she can't take the heat. Point Tiki you knock over two girls twelve and thirteen years old they are much older brother can you show of all eyes on new with the glare icy cold you don't notice it's all good here feel in the line of some songs more fine folks join you've got your mosh crew bumping and Jocelyn like a big tossed salad and the song ends and they stop it known you. He don't seem to notice this fungus the ballot. They knew vanish at first the crowd is relieved at last they can stand on non volatile turf but wait. Was that on stage by the basis straight me. It's you lonely mosh boy you're raring to serve as you make your big jumpy think with a grin. Hands plus my body the perfect match. These are the people he spent an hour crashing into the last thing they want to do do you is cats. He joked got you okay you're not her from the falling you launch right back in with your mom's pretty poised. I guess it's true what they say after all god protects trunks and children lonely moms police. At school the next week day telling your buds. Who couldn't come with you hear the band play was good but the audience totally sucked till I started a mosh pit and so save the game. Most boy how it would hurt you know if only you knew you were not the hero of the club scene that night they've hung happy photo with a big red line through. The crowds bands and bartender hate you on site. But is it right to say I despise you for the solitary path he choose. With the disdains so much surprise you clueless as you are to social cues. Maybe being too because they don't know you've been a moron is in the sand who cares of the rest of the audience load CU. Wash on only gospel. Much like the way. This has handled locally in the continent for seven but I'm content and.