Lumineers Jeremiah Pepper Interview

Monday, December 4th

Pepper interviews Jeremiah from The Lumineers at their hotel in Portland, OR.


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This is pepper and thing on Jeremiah from Lanier's. Well at Portland thank you. And I had two options and energy is for you can talk about. Normal stuff music touring. The band or are we in time and actions until it. I can do better with like behind the scenes more musicals. Have called out for questions that it. Now and what Davis cook him. So awesome I saw you guys. You were opening for Tom Petty thief you know via what was it. I was really means and mean for me he's huge hero to weigh the singer especially easily and I calmly committed to people buy it to us as a group. Particularly mean glasses a huge deal to play. You know opened for them we it is really cool and Los Angeles who's in the educators you as a person of the year. There is bands that covers on us in the heart food fighters. I asked bunch of bands covered time pace and euphoric. And he has he and his band in the crowd. Reforms of fresh yet it was uncle walls economy and our own changed that and afterwards he he came into our dressing room after the show I was there unless the singer and knew that shows there there. He imitated chips doing very boring stuff. And Tom papers to the dressing rooms. And talk to them. She said he'd love the version that we did she huge. We've got a cameo wasn't there. To witness out my dog in my life where hotels apparently broke in and doing dogma. I have missed call from last. 1 o'clock in the morning. Something bad happens there has been amazing to me and the next thing you hear the stories fathers. Huge honor to. To hear back from especially with his you know untimely death. Recently. Obviously adds certain weight and experience absolutely image shows that Safeco and one in Vancouver. Because one here in Portland. Is that because it's very yeah yes it is those three and just. Especially now truly wants lifetime opportunities. Absolutely. Has it we'll see guys. And a half time they hit that yes it hurtful. Al-Qaeda India Congo fever and they had to do is here she'd gone for it usually know he's never been on tour whose name is spaghetti. Think it's a crisis from Italy's figure that was appropriate. He came to us through this green show we did three big ones and enters from the end of the year. Shows and then he came and objects that's ours and I feel like your idea of the Eastman and two real concert race. Yeah doing those babies on this stated that they had yeah yeah yeah it. How do you feel about people that tell you look like Woody Harrelson. It didn't feel it now it's. It seemed in an interview and I don't think it's pretty crazy like our system emerges from DC. And you're talking about today and street cloud related through it and it's crazy that the we're in DC I get told me twice in DC two different at the hotel these two guys like I just tell it looked at me. And I can't help. I guess initially you like maybe they know looming years. Ray but for me and now they think it's woody Austin's of these guys. Thought that and we to dinner and I hostess was like. He looks so much like an actress Anna would Allison I get time she's that you him like now I'm not him and she's that you are ham it. And I was like I'm just denied him entry actually and it should suck newer. This scanner crew she's actually get yourself election again Sophie. He's also I guess not answer is I think it all right get there for years it's more prevalent. It's weird people believe here I know you are the first time people or they can't she looks so much like him to actually argue with semi argue it was a different. He knows it's getting worse yeah. God he's literally had to use the three billboards outside as being necessary it's incredibly. Cool it's just you. I love his movies. It was cool we get them one of her songs in the trailer for the class cast onus on content of the floor and I was pretty prominent the trailer it's in the can cool. That's the closest I've ever been in my doubtful gangs. It wouldn't be as well eventually mean yeah. As I'm sure you ask us a bunch of times by now bad or inspiration and all of the female name and song titles. I think it stems from so west's great song lyrics predominately and he. As telmex on a feeling you're for example it has this musicality words Feeley you know she had. A man down our judges Jessica wouldn't quite have the same. I'm musicality and I think they're just stems from. It works. And lyrics and a source musically we. We read this interview were. Does that Rolling Stones song start me yeah. Thanks very staccato and need to be that for it to work if you had a long you know multi syllable words were word so. I think for me as a fan and watch US rightly or some sort of this cool thing where. It adds a musicality so mcsame is seen Angela nursing Cleopatra. Has this musical value tube and also for me. As is writing partner as a fan of the band it adds. Fictional characters that you think you could likely you read potter books for example in someone dies usually can actually experienced. Slight grief for Slaten morning of some and that's clearly fictional blood. Feels more real than just saying he she it used any of it as this one. Quality that. And that candidates sounds good to see. They took that negative it lends to the storytelling you know pressure. If you had to do in any link thing Mary count no you don't know that is you know I've heard Maria why use a different word back again. But would you my kids do Cleopatra DeLia and Angela. Just let it could be the songs or the names or whatever and where those ball. Bang AS would have to fall under it'll feel yet. And credit. Thank you notes due marry a Julia. OK serious admit that yeah. Bang. I don't know clue Patrick because it's really ill timing name again I think it's killing Angela who tore into Larry. What was the outside got stocking and this song that work right now. Venus remembered the news on for the third album. Can't hum that nobody knows that so beyond that I did it probably. Mean coming down to. Coming up to this interview there's. The specs on an elevator. Still my and it's it's a new one thing it's called. Dreams or something yeah dreams kind of funky new decks choose yeah that. It's pretty good sign when and song you're working on something new gets liking him he's been really crazy actually like when it was kind of. The first initial ideas were we were depth we've we've been jam going in between the small tour that we have that's been really thinks that transfer. Multiple days now a couple weeks now so I think that's a good sign that. It's it's feeling strong and you never know how do you feel about an idea of the next dance around for a week it's probably good scientist you pray at any time you write something using your best idea because the newest grant a ten that's not a good formula to revise. I'm just in time is the best friend you have been trying to really understands consumer. So it. What's your favorite thing about Clinton all these different cities like to you or your duty to try to that are. These sites near each other via its head at I don't know I don't. Wouldn't consider myself the best Torre person I guess this is the actions of the different crowds and just to visit I think come. It's true it feels really healthy and you feel like a well rounded individual if you get out of that hotel groups in Florida. And I think it's got that much to the crowds were so different they're very I'm excited down there. And we have been down there last that's interest in C. That's how things than Portland feels like a second home because we used to it we had a residence in Mississippi studios. This is two views outside in the deck and we playing. I think the city of port repentance and reform became like whatever we're known as now Islam in years Portland port lenders. Took us and I think long before anybody else that's it may sound great taste in India and so. Yeah I think it is just really quota via the travel like we're really lucky to have that. That's mostly taken for granted and you very tired you know fine traveling on the time. For the most part it's really amazing thing you've. To play music with different than awesome seated differences and stuff. Kind of the dream gig yeah dream job. Well I thought I think he's going to step down and thank you absolutely Lothian to remember yes has gained.