Pepper chats with Florence Welch

Thursday, May 10th

Florence + The Machine calls in to talk with Pepper about her new album.


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How. High is are you doing today. And it can see what you. Oh I'm I'm delightful and happy to be talking to you thanks for taking the time. I love the new song hunger and I'm very excited for high as ho. Now that. The album is done in your like getting ready to release it into the world I was curious how your feeling about it as like a piece of work. With everything else that you've done is there something different about this record are you nervous excitement. Then so he witnessed I. What this is such fun. Efficiently. Content which you. Google it kind of country in LA but that that that is that that's on our end yeah it's so tight so it didn't which you. And contingency account for clinical. And public thinking he has outlet ever. Lock up scents that no expectations. It's sure making something for the chill it making it. Lincoln ultimately making bombs so that Kenyans experience and I'll let you other CC and pac ten tournament and yet the six months and that I'd. And cut three neck and ethnic things that sick very. Much in the way hybrid electric took place and a cult like. It it beating feel like it. Oracle is very arts from the Courtney. Maybe I know what I. How about you connection. Yeah. Trot Nixon. I mean a very. You need to trick or they only hot and I get a ticket for the most it's still need and cook I have Idearc could bankrupt. Now that sounds great makes me even more excited to hear it that it flake something very personal TU and and something that you feel. And I guess speaks for you in a way that and the like normal conversations can sometimes words. Seemed to mean more in songs then in conversation if that makes sense. Well aren't born from the dot. Com. Well oracle slowly I could be. Home to you all missed in the way longing for Wally. Couldn't shake out maybe. In the life. They're look at and T currently the front struggle. He hadn't changed happened between me and that people can let my music perfect okay I will keep. Giving. This orphanage could keep it won't case and he and I can't people let. But it but it felt a little bit for the bucket aren't the same. Ethic you'd. Like to buy out and they keep it maybe you're facing at least here it's. He lied you know very lucky. How this. Absolutely I think it's definitely makes you very relatable than people can. Kind of see themselves on here themselves and your music it's really really cool. Like I. Caught I don't think it. Thank you say it seemed like. Carpet to get out. And I thank. Well. Coming gross thinking that it saying. I. Maybe aren't thinking hey it I think it's it's something. He adds that it's an existing paying and paying to put it. You're like that last bit apathetic. He cracked it. The worst that make the best song by paying. They don't call that you hold on record about. Some pretty good thing need not apply to protect certain talents payments sent me an. Making me in Sanaa. And I gonna have an enlightening I think that and open it again. That's on the most relatable and of all on tape. And Clinton. I am I follow your book club unanswered Graham and I was so excited to see that it was possibly inspired by a a trip to Powell's here in part. Yeah. And didn't really pretty sweet. Three are you. Again. We're asking you. And so. I took a picture but how accurate it is out there and then they were very wrong to stop a book club. And I the you. Can't just a tiny saying it. Grunin. And painting and developer community online. And I'm not only. Hockey or. In combat. Internet and the between you and about that such a bright spot in my mind and a lot of adding to connect people. Consults huge pop. My life. Absolutely love it I paid the photos they post on there are so beautiful and all the books are steeper interest thing I love that. The current black is courier was picked by Fiona Apple how did that come about these guys talk. Don't go out there. May need a lot of great content that might it obviously can get them. You cut it open it up like how many credits and make. But let it can. It's been bathing in Atlanta and then it will I'd edit it while banning it that's see in the he that they can get by on site or incredible and that. And it kind of I am that popular on the by far you know not try try try and I do you reach out to people that I would like to get that recommendations from. Politics and yet outflows level but I didn't look all she. She Iowa didn't really act area to get all the tackles such as and she can mythical creature we. And then wan management that you may. And I would like getting even out from an outlet like getting email from god. I would die I would actually be deceased. And a lot of that's incredible. She went luckily we. We had you know pre tax benefit and see if it couldn't I mean I had great speed channel. We. Want to be a. And now understandable if she does she is like I think you set it best like a mythical creature insist you never know I. You're like yeah why you talk. I. Well and I mean I have to read this book now if it's recommended by iffy on and it's in the Florence book club like obviously I have to read it thousand. And hit it on boxing actually Carol attitude she said it recommended so I think. Eight great pizza and a much like it took a poll on from it and get an apartment humor and she pushed you reputable peep about it situated at. I would also be I mean I've put my favorite thing in the world if UT ever collaborated. I know that's. To see you wish thing but if you and Vienna have heard it aside and together I think I would just cry and. We. Can't yeah. Like it happened I can and other key right. Pregnant. And grass on the new album and again thank you for taking the time. I don't think it's cute cap on buying. I was trying to say see you soon there because say coming on good authority he might be seeing Florence in our neck of the woods sometime. This year. But don't quote me on that I didn't get a confirmation from her nanny for seven.