Pepper interviews Spike

Monday, April 16th

Pepper talks to actor James Marsters at Wizard World Comic Con in Portland.


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This tiger from 90% an alternative way it lends and I am of the wizard will come times when he'd seen it. Eminent traps a fan girls you hired about I'm talking to James Myers or is saying OK Dillon I'm good at how many of these cons have you been seen at this point. I have lost count I don't know hi hey I started coming to console was thirteen years old dresses bop. Right and I was I was popular for the first time in my life for the girls because I had the best days are. I I pointed ears yeah. And night. Hi I had I think that dancer or Bunning and don't take themselves too seriously in this morning. And that's what favorite nomination. And it's also something about. Sean room like fantasy scifi they can they can be a little bit subversive. And talk about stuff that adoption of this talk about. Like I liked Star Wars was actually about the Vietnam War. Lot of people don't know. Yeah wolf. George Lucas thought. Apocalypse Now. That was his idea but it and it's on the film it's really gave it to Brad Stuart Coppola. Mom so it's like George is a very deeply subversive artists. And if you watch TX 61138. That it's you know that film how would Robert at all that was his first feature film and it's like 1984. It's really almost hard to watch so subversive and so anyway yes so mom. Star Wars and star horses about a technologically advanced culture that is using airpower to bomb the indigenous people down in the in the forest. And so these evil empires America. And its. The people down in the forest those that he walks and jet eyes and all the people down of course they're literally down Corus. Getting well. Wow I am I guess I've never thought about the back sorry just hours that's incredible gas so so. Yeah like Buffy was subversive showbiz it was subverting the idea that women can't fight back. And listen into the show the BBC. Both torch would look at which was subverting the idea that if they gay people can't be heroes. And that was it that was writing your base. Just like Buffy was riding your face on. I remember I was doing. I was doing I was riding in the back of the Lincoln Town Car with one of the original Star Wars cast members whose. Part of a different generation and he was offended by Buffy was saying that but it was a stupid show. Because no girl that's that's if Gordon. To defenders. And I kind of like smile or go to Vietnam. Actually do a lot of stunts on on fighting with the stunt doubles on the show like every week in this three for Buffy. There's triple black belts meant they could kill us without breaking a sweat without moving very much that could break it's an act. And and we went back and forth for awhile and I finally went on. It's always Bruce Lee. But what was the body mass for Bruce what you think it's like Bruce is like five yeah and now's the end of my conversation must hours there but it was so sweet. It was so sweet via. Who's it would have to be on the show that some bending the right people this. Absolutely. I can't imagine your thought about yeah. Actually saw from the quite apart Clinton students from that march for our lives thank. Emma Gonzales and people like put her photo on poster isn't that every generation slayer is born I do. Ultimately this will soon be big. That is good that is when we bring. I ate recently binge very who marvels runaway is sick this scary in how. That's out and actually the hero of the show but a lot of people don't see it that way. Seriously like OK they say I'm a bad dad. A gig my son has a 165. IQ and he's getting season high school. Play at what point do you stop tell them oh zone you're doing just fine you have no room improvement. Riot and may have been too hard on. But it is it worse to be too hard on your kids were born too easy if they have that much potential. Bryant and I didn't think about it now I also. Also yeah. Big design is trying to save humanities trying to come up with the new form of energy production. And new forms of transportation and he knows that it doesn't get it done the human race gonna burn. So it VSQ have you teenagers to get there. I mean come on. Have says. After right after I save the species these guys can go back and keep. Giving yourselves Christmas presents and patting each other on the back but until then let me do my thing. Actually one of my favorite lines in the shadow is land you don't notice her legs like Erik and your legs. I am I'm so busy that I can't notice your your aircraft alone trying to save humanities okay sorry about that error. And speaking of suns don't you play with your son and abandoned. He's taking over the band actually. We just. We just celebrities are and in our newest album. And he's got three songs that he wrote and sitting on. And I've got four and Charlie's got more Charley nice says Dennis with the song writing and singing and now we've got three singer songwriters. I always want it I was going to bomb. Being a band that was like The Beatles we don't know who's singing yeah like is that John George or Ringo not quite sure and because they're all doing harmonies were each other and that's what we're doing. On our stuff now and I'm I'm really happy I didn't want it to be sneezing and all the song. You know but yes Sullivan's got the first two tracks on the album like gonna say is taking over the bandits that literally true it's unfairly talent yeah yeah. I don't even listening to some ears stuff over it ghosts of the robot is the pandering. Echoes of the robot we've been all over the world who sold. Tons of albums and I'm very lucky to be would a lot of musicians who are really good. Vince we are radio station I like had to bring that up hopefully have Ronald ticket as out and the peg. You got us. Is it you know. An independent and knowing a thing. Gasoline I think you so much taken the time I appreciate that this when he goes. Yeah really think about then.