Portugal. The Man ::: 94/7 Session

Sunday, March 5th

This Portugal. The Man Session was SO GOOD. They played Purple Yellow Red and Blue, So American, Modern Jesus and their new smash hit Feel It Still.

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Yeah it. Media are I have seen that ninety horse and they keep it so much hugging or text message isn't joining us today I'm sure you're all very excited to see Portugal the man. Well yeah I'm torn a couple of days and we just premiered there in new song. Feel it's still on Thursday had yesterday yet. Okay. Me and I didn't get a sense anything. And then he also see them to like me back and still to come back. And now me is where it well parts. It's. Look guys. They've Arenas. Hurt me. And it's. If things. Yeah. I'm I'm happy. Yeah. Okay. Thank you. It's. This team. I think yes they're coming out. And having your so different sort hurt. And out of us. So look like in the afternoon thanks and it was seven raping us remember again. That stage and they're the first people ever list on the radio so. The city studios. It was like a few months in my house in the middle class was looking great thank you so much for having us all. It so we just came out with a new song. Partly that and again it's against going to Sunday. When you get back to where we're going to learn real soon. In a couple of days or go back and press room day. Get out on the road we'll see you at the moment for the big settlements. The songs when you're still. In some sense. Afternoon. And I can't imagine them. Don and then tell me. The man. So yeah. I don't know how map and he needs. Okay. I. Okay. I.