Area 54

M-F 12am - 1am, Sat - Sun 12am - 2am

AREA54 are Tim and Mike. They met while working in the windsurf/snowboard industry. They both shared an intense passion for music, sports and sick humor and became good friends. They started AREA54 by mistake; actually the name was a mistake. As they wrote down ideas on what to call themselves a half hour before their very first on-air show!! AREA51 and Studio 54 were transposed and hence the birth of area54, it stuck.

Tim: "Mike somehow talked one of the Gorge radio stations into letting us have a specialty electronic show on Sunday night (He actually sold it as smooth jazz!). The station was really archaic. We learned to splice our ads onto 8 track tape, remember this was 1997!! The mixing board was from the 50’s and it had these huge knobs and switches that looked liked they controlled the power of NYC!"

Mike: "Our first night was the worst. We had just come up with our name and we were really nervous. The station was a 100,000 watt station that reached from east Portland all the way to the Blue Mountains in Eastern Oregon and to Bend as well. When we got to the station nobody was there and we found the station manager sick and throwing up in the bathroom. He ended up running back and forth between the studio and the bathroom showing us how to operate the board. Luckily it was the same board that I used at a college station in San Francisco so we ended up doing all right. After throwing up for about an hour the station manager just gave us the keys to the building and told us to lock up after we were done. We ended up having those same keys and being on air for almost 5 years until the station changed their format and gave us the boot."