Colleges are canceling spring break to mitigate coronavirus spread

It seems that for many college students across the country, spring break is officially canceled. The annual week off from school has many officials worried about a potential outbreak of the coronavirus.
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Coronavirus sweeps college campuses, sparking fears over holiday breaks

As the coronavirus pandemic takes its toll on college campuses across the US, many are now fearing what will happen when these students are sent home for their holiday breaks.
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Can You Get Your Money Back if COVID-19 Closes Your College Campus?

While more coronavirus cases are being reported in colleges, many schools will welcome back students, while also offering online classes. Will you get your money back if COVID-19 closes your college campus?
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Reimagining What College Will Look Like in the Age of Coronavirus

While colleges have moved online for the remainder of the spring semester, people are starting to wonder what classes will look like in the fall. College presidents discuss what restrictions may be in place when students return to campus.
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This $25,000 College Tour Takes You From Campus to Campus in a Private Jet

If you were looking for a way to make college even more impossible to afford, we’ve got you covered.
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