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Ritz Crackers-Flavored Ice Cream 'Cookies and Crackers' Sold Out Almost Instantly

Forget Cookies and Cream, it’s all about Crackers and Cream. Ice cream company Coolhaus teamed up with Ritz Crackers for an unconventional flavor that sold out immediately after it became available. Read more now.
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M&M's Manufacturer Sued Over Vanilla-Flavored Ice Cream Bar

M&M’s manufacturer, Mars, Inc. has been sued over “false advertising” on its latest vanilla-flavored ice cream bar. Find out what the suit alleges and why the “vanilla” label is misleading.
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This is Officially the Grossest Food in Oregon

It's ice cream? REALLY!? Well more specifically, "crimes against ice cream". Like blood pudding as a flavor or using the garbage-smelling fruit that is Durian. At least that's what the people over at Thrillist are saying. We can't really blame them. Not everyone enjoys savory dessert or strange...
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