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FOALS return with new song, music video, tour dates, and more.

Every few years the band FOALS drops a new song and reminds us all just how damn good they are. Or maybe it's just me that keeps forgetting. “Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost Part 1” will be out in March, but you'll have to wait until the Fall of 2019 for Part 2. Our first taste of the new record...
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SYML Totally Listens to 94/7 in His New Video

It's tiny and quick, but it's there! In SYML's new video for "Clean Eyes" he totally gives our station a shoutout by dialing in 94/7 KNRK on his HD Radio. How cool is that? Video of SYML - "Clean Eyes" [Official Music Video]
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Watch lovelytheband's "Broken" House Party

Revisit the "Broken" music video.
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Win Butler of Arcade FIre

WATCH: Arcade Fire Share "Chemistry" Video

Arcade Fire just shared the Starburns Industries-animated video for their song “Chemistry.”
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Arctic Monkeys

WATCH: Arctic Monkeys Share Unsettling “Four Out of Five” Video

Arctic Monkeys have shared the first video for their new track “Four Out of Five.”
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Bear Hands' Val Loper and Dylan Rau

EXCLUSIVE: Bear Hands on Their “2AM” House Party

Watch Bear Hands talk all about the making of the video in our exclusive interview.
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Bear Hands

WATCH: Bear Hands Explain “Kookiness” of California in “Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)”

Bear Hands walk us through their kooky "Back Seat Driver (Spirit Guide)" music video!
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Watch Arcade Fire's Short Film 'Money + Love'

Arcade Fire have released the 13-minute short film, Money + Love , which stars Toni Collette.
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WATCH: Mansionair Release "Astronaut (Something About Your Love)" Video

Mansionair have shared an entrancing new video for their song “Astronaut (Something About Your Love).”
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WATCH: The Decemberists Sever Ties With Their Old Sound in a Colorful New Video

The Decemberists' new album "I'll Be Your Girl" is out on March 16th. Video of The Decemberists - Severed
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