Kate Brown, Coronavirus, Oregon

Gov. Brown issues executive order to prohibiting gatherings

Gov. Kate Brown issued an executive order Monday ordering citezens to stay home "to the maximum extent possible" due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Oregon, Coronavirus, Kate Brown

Gov. Kate Brown orders all bars and restaurants in Oregon to close

Gov. Kate Brown orders all bars and restaurants in Oregon to close to fight spread of coronavirus
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These are Oregon's Best State Parks

The Oregonian asked their readers to nominate the best state parks in Oregon, then they visited each one and ranked them accordingly. You can find their extensive list right here . And if you're wondering, #4 is my personal favorite!
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How Many of Oregon's Best Breweries Have You Tried?

In Oregon we're kind of known for our beer and just how great we are at making it. But which breweries are THE BEST? Thrillist picked their 10 favorites and you can check them out here .
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The 20 Worst Things About Living in Portland

Living in Portland is pretty great, right? WRONG! The Oregonian put together a list of the twenty worst things about living in our city. For example: the endless train crossings and all the traffic and the lack of a baseball team. But all of that annoying stuff is kind of worth it in the end......
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WATCH: Tortoise Chomps on a Pumpkin at the Oregon Zoo

Tis the season to watch animals destroy pumpkins at The Oregon Zoo! It's one of our favorite local traditions. Video of Tortoise attacks and eats a giant pumpkin The elephants got in on the action too. You can watch their video here .
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Hilarious Tweets From The Last Blockbuster

The last Blockbuster in the country is located right here in the state of Oregon! The Bend store is truly the last of its kind and the people that work there seem to be letting loose. They have a twitter account called "The Lone Blockbuster" where they send out hilarious tweets. These are some of...
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It's the 47th Anniversary of That Time Oregon Blew up a Whale

On a November day in 1970, KATU covered the "disposal" of a dead, beached whale on the Oregon coast. The whale had recently washed up on the shore and dynamite (for some strange reason) was chosen as the best way to get rid of it. The explosion didn't quite go as planned, but it did give me my new...
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3 Podcasts That Are Helping to Keep Portland Weird

I. LOVE. PODCASTS. I'm always looking for the next one to binge listen to as I drive around the city. Lately I've been catching up on My Favorite Murder and Dirty John. Highly recommend both, by the way. Especially if you're intro True Crime. But if you want a little local flavor in your podcasts,...
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Happy Birthday, Oregon!

Did you know Oregon's birthday is Valentine's Day? February 14, 1859 is when we became a state. Here's some other fun facts about Oregon: It's pronounced OR-UH-GUN, not OR-EE-GONE Tater Tots were invented here by two brothers, the founders of Ore-Ida (#blessed) You're not allowed to pump your own...
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