Derric's Discovers: October

I don't know about you, but I am always finding new music from the most random of places... I'd like to be one of the random places you find new music, so here's a playlist of songs that I'm obsessing over in October. (be sure to follow the playlist, I'll be adding to it all the time!) Click here...
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The Ultimate Alternative Halloween Playlist

Halloween is by far the best holiday. Candy? Costumes? Creepy music? YES PLEASE! So to help celebrate this perfect day, here's a spooky alternative playlist to listen to for the next week... or better yet, to listen to all year long! TV ON THE RADIO - WOLF LIKE ME BAT FOR LASHES - WHAT’S A GIRL TO...
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Solar eclipse

LISTEN: Your Solar Eclipse Soundtrack

As soon as people started talking about the 2017 solar eclipse, it’s as if everyone suddenly remembered Bonnie Tyler’s 1983 track “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” We mean no offense to Ms. Tyler, but seriously?
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What's your Perfect Playlist?

The Widmer Brothers Perfect Playlist is where YOU take over 94/7! SHARE YOURS NOW - your Perfect Playlist could get picked by Gustav to share with the 94/7 Nation weekdays at 6pm.
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